Pre-Conference Options

Dear Friends,

The main Speak Up Conference begins as 6:00 p.m. on Thursday evening, July 13. However, for some of you who are able to arrive on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, there are several pre-conference options from which you can select additional learning opportunities. If you are arriving early, be sure to register for the optional lunch and/or dinner that will be available at The Prince Conference Center that day.

Here are your choices:

Noon, Thursday — $15 — Baked Potato Bar Lunch (Optional–register on the cart) Baked Idaho potatoes served with a variety of toppings; butter, sour cream, chopped bacon, grated cheddar, steamed broccoli, cheddar cheese sauce, a mini salad bar, fruit salad and beverage.

1:30 – 4:30 p.m.:  Writers’ Pre-Conference Option

$100 – Book Proposal Intensive Clinic (3 hours) 
Taught by Dave and Cindy Lambert, “Somersault”

Limit: 25 registrants

Prerequisite: Complete and bring with you a working proposal. Please download and use one of the templates above, or you may use a proposal model you’ve found on your own.

A winning book proposal is a tool that entices seven audiences (author, agent, editor, pub board, marketing, creative, and sales) to grasp a contagious vision for a book, and then equips them to successfully play their parts in placing the book into the hands its ideal readership.

We’ve all heard the common advice, “Write to your audience, not to yourself.” Good advice! Many authors, however, may know the audience of their book, but have no understanding of the true audience of their book proposal. In this four-hour intensive clinic you will be introduced to the business side of publishing decisions, discover what really happens behind the closed doors of editors and publishing boards, and learn how to craft an enticing proposal that captures the interest of editors and publishers.

Broken into four segments, this hands-on interactive clinic will begin with an in-depth presentation, then offer individual time to work on and refine specific proposal elements of your own, then break into small groups for fiction and nonfiction personal feedback and critique, and finally come together again for advice and guidance to launch you into the world of meeting with editors.

Proposal-writing classes have always left me feeling a bit bewildered. Each instructor had their own, different list of “musts,” “do’s,” and “don’ts.” The fog lifted for me after working with Cindy Lambert at the Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference. A delightful and caring mentor, I would have enjoyed her class under any circumstances. But as a teacher Cindy really zeroed in on: WHAT we needed to include in our proposal, WHY that information was important to an Acquisitions Editor,WHERE each section should be shown for optimum effect, HOW to dig deeply to uncover what made our writing stand out in a crowd, and, maybe most importantly, WHO are our readers? It took my understanding of writing and publishing to a whole new level.
Lori Hynson, Author of SuperGal vs God

$100 Independent Publishing Bootcamp (3-hours)
Taught by Cheri Cowell
Learn the pros and cons of this growing trend, how to evaluate your options, the basics of formatting and cover design, e-book options, and how marketing your self-published book is different than a traditionally published book.

  •  Session 1: Evaluating Indie/Co/Self-Publishing: The Pros and Cons of Doing it Yourself.
  • Session 2: Understanding the Do-it-Yourself Process: We’ll look at the various things you need to master if you’re going to indie-publish a print book.
  • Session 3: Why EBook? We’ll look at the limitations in e-book technology and what it takes to convert your book into an e-book for Kindle and others.
  • Session 4: Marketing an Indie Book: We’ll look at three major components of a marketing plan: your brand, an Internet presence, and what is needed in a social media plan.

Speakers’ Pre-Conference Options

Videotaping & Critiquing of Speeches – Times will be assigned based on your arrival plans for specific appointments between 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

$100 — 15-minute video presentation with one-to-one critique with a Speak Up staff member – 30-minute time slot
You will leave with a DVD or a digital download of your presentation, as well as specific verbal feedback that will help you move to the next level in your speaking. Your 30-minute appointment will begin with looking over the answers to the questions below. Then you will be taped with your Speak Up staffer observing. If you choose to speak longer than 15-minutes, it will cut into your time of feedback, but that is your choice. Your content can be whatever you choose. It can be a complete talk, or a portion of a longer talk. You will be given feedback on both content and delivery during your 30-minute appointment. (click for printable directions)

Speakers’ and Writers’ Pre-Conference Options

$100 — Video Interview with Carol Kent
Feature your ministry or newest book on your website or on YouTube by utilizing a digital download of a 5-minute interview with Carol. 5-minute video/15 minute session. This option involves a 15-minute time slot where you will have the opportunity to familiarize Carol with your ministry or book. Then, Carol will participate with you in an 5-minute interview style video that would be usable on your website, Facebook page, or on YouTube. You will be mailed a flash drive with your interview a few weeks after the conference. (click for printable directions)
(Participants can choose one speaking option and the Interview with Carol Kent option, if they want to select both.)

$100 – Speakers’ and Writers’ Pre-Conference Option – Take Your Ministry to the Next Level (3 hours)
Taught by Suzanne Kuhn
Whether it is a ministry in your heart or one that is already emerged, you are the agent God will use to drive the ministry. Taking your ministry to the next level requires key elements including brand emphasis and generating your own buzz. Discoverability is vital. The challenge for leaders, speakers, and authors is finding and expanding your audience. Learn tips for targeted promotion through social media, live events, and other opportunities that will take your ministry to the next level.

$100 – Social Media Intensive (3 hours)
Taught by Brenda Yoder and Amelia Rhodes
Bring your laptops for this hands-on social media training. We’ll look at how to set up new accounts, make old accounts more effective, brand your accounts, and utilize tools for automation and scheduling. We will cover tips and tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest. Discover how to maximize your time, curate great content, and build effective networks.

$100 – Roots & Dreams — Your Life Story Timeline (3 hours)
Taught by Anne Denmark
Discover an amazing clear over view of your life…Roots, Defining Moments and Dreams
Experience the beauty and fingerprints of God’s design…in and through the timeline of your own story
Learn a creative process to support you in sharing their story
Location: Dogwood (3rd floor)

$20 — Optional Dinner Buffet: A Taste of Italy (Optional – register on the cart) Grilled Italian chicken breast and pasta with Alfredo and Marinara sauces, served with steamed vegetable, garlic bread, fresh fruit and Caesar salad. Beverage included.