Speak Up Training Plays Key Role

by Lori Hartin

Ladybug Women’s Ministries

Lori Hartin

Lori Hartin

When I first heard Carol speak at a Women of Faith event, I was mesmerized.  Even though there were thousands of women in the arena, I felt as though she were just having a conversation with me.  I realized immediately that this was a rare gift, and I wanted to know more.  When I discovered that she actually trained women to do exactly what she did so well, I knew I had to sign up!  That was in 2008, and I count that as the year my real speaking ministry began.  Did I speak before?  Yes.  Did I bless and minister to ladies before?  Yes.  But with the training of the Speak Up with Confidence team, I learned to take my ministry to an entirely new level!  I learned how effective outlining can make the difference in a message, giving my audience something to take home and remember long after the event.

When I returned in 2010 to add the advanced training to my original seminar refresher, I discovered even more amazing tools.  Learning how to integrate drama and writing into my speaking has added the value that my ministry needed.   Just two short years later, I have been successful in founding my own non-profit organization and becoming a published writer.  It is without a doubt that I know that the Speak Up training has played a key role in these accomplishments.

You can take a college course or practice with peers, but this conference specifically equips you for speaking in Christian ministry.  Registering for Speak Up training is one of the best investments you will make in your speaking ministry or career.   Don’t wait – register today and see what God does through this powerful opportunity to change lives when you speak up!

4 comments to Speak Up Training Plays Key Role

  • Paula J. French

    Great words of encouragement to attend the Speak Up training!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for this encouraging message! As I click around on the Speak Up website, I am getting confirmation after confirmation that God is leading me to the conference this June! A great friend of mine is also a wonderful encourager. We call each other “ladybug.” So… even down to the name of your ministry… there are little glimpses and hints that I am moving in the right direction. I can hardly wait for June 21 to get here!!! Thank you, God!

  • Hello! I cannot come to the SpeakUp conference this year but i want to reserve the date so i can come next year. Do you have the 2013 dates set yet?

  • ginaweeks

    To God be the GLORY!\o/

    May God bless your ministry – and the message of Speak Up!

    Mrs. Gina Weeks

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