Gain the tools necessary to craft a meaningful message for your ministry and learn to effectively share it with an audience.

Speaking Track Homework

According to the Book of Lists, public speaking is the #1 fear for many people, surpassing the fear of death.  Fortunately, there are tools that can help to alleviate the fear.

Carol Kent and her highly qualified staff from across the country make the process of learning fun and encouraging.  You will be given instruction, and then have the opportunity to try out what you have learned in a small group setting with people who have similar backgrounds in speaking.  A trained facilitator will make the experience safe and enjoyable.

For those who have already attended the Speaking Track, new sessions are added every year to take you to the next level in your ministry.

Your options include:

* Denotes “new” this year
** Denotes recommendations for first time attendees

As well as options that overlap into both tracks:

This is an invaluable learning experience for those at nearly every level of public speaking–from small groups to large audiences.