Cindy Bultema

Get to Know Cindy:

Cindy Bultema has been a part of the Speak Up faculty since 2011. She loves the Lord, loves life, loves her family, and loves to celebrate! But don’t let her cheerful smile fool you—Cindy has overcome addiction and survived tragic loss.

Cindy is now the Executive Director of GEMS, the go-to ministry for girls’ spiritual growth.

Before GEMS, Cindy served as an international speaker, Grief Share expert, communications coach, as well as the author of two Bible studies, Red Hot Faith and Live Full Walk Free.

Cindy lives in Michigan with her husband, four children, and two naughty dogs.

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Keynote Message:

The Least Likely Leader

Whether you struggle to think of yourself as a leader, feel like you drew the short straw or duped people into thinking you were up for the task, you'll receive a Truth-filled reminder about the leaders God chooses and uses. Discover why you are just the leader for the job, and the one He handpicked for your Kingdom assignment. If God can use a donkey, He can use you too!

Breakout Session:

Retreat Speaking that Rocks!

Retreats are an amazing way to engage with your audience, share powerful messages, and create opportunities for transformation that are hard to replicate in any other form. However, speaking multiple times and connecting with a large group of new people within a couple of days is not easy. In this practical workshop, you’ll learn simple steps to enhance the effectiveness as a retreat keynote speaker so your audience will remember your time together for years to come. Join Cindy as you learn to:

  • Recognize the difference between a keynote message and retreat message planning
  • Communicate your needs effectively with the retreat planning committee or organizer
  • Create memorable and engaging retreat messages
  • Consider the energy level of the audience throughout the weekend
  • Identify potential pitfalls and navigate around them successfully
  • Leave a lasting impression that encourages people to recommend you to other events


15-minute appointments:

Author & Speaker Mentor

With over 20 years of ministry experience, Cindy would love to serve you by sharing the lessons she’s learned—whether as a passionate women’s speaker, author, Bible teacher, communications coach, and/or Executive Director of GEMS, a non-profit ministry serving 25,000+ girls globally. Meet with Cindy so she can come alongside you in practical, prayerful, and encouraging ways to help you enhance the effectiveness and impact of your ministry.


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