Jeri Howe

Get to Know Jeri:

Jeri Howe enjoys speaking and leading workshops at conferences, churches and women’s community groups. She is passionate about sharing God’s truth in practical ways. Jeri has written Bible studies and self-published a short Christian novel, Kamea. She was also the executive producer and co-moderator of a daily, hour-long radio show called Survival Skills for Everyday Living. She is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity Degree at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Jeri and her husband live in West Michigan where they take frequent walks with their recently rescued greyhound.

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Breakout Session:

Leadership A to Z

Too often the latest books and leadership trends send the signal: “You aren’t enough. You need to work harder, be smarter… be more!” The truth is you aren’t “enough.”  But what if that isn’t what God is asking of you as a leader?  What if you get to use that gift of leadership He’s given you, working with the power He works powerfully within you to serve Him and others… and “enough” doesn’t even figure into it? Join us for an encouraging time as we let the New Testament paint its portrait of a Christian leader. We’ll come upon surprises, including what it really means to be meek and kind as a leader. Along the way we’ll get a renewed sense of God’s liberating and empowering calling for those who lead.  


15-minute appointments:

Jeri Howe – How Can I Help You?

Jeri is a speaker and writer who has written Bible Studies as well as self-publishing a short novel.  She also produced and hosted a round table discussion radio program.  She loves meeting with people to fan dreams into flame and work through obstacles through encouragement, instruction and prayer.  She would love the honor of spending 15 minutes with you:

  • Preparing for a great radio interview (or answering your radio show hosting and producing questions!)
  • Creating your Bio with you in 12 easy steps.
  • Talking with you about Bible Study development.
  • Praying with you!

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