Alicea Davis

Alicea Joy Davis

Get to Know Alicea:

Alicea Joy Davis is a spoken word poet, author, and artist who began writing poetry in her childhood and has been successfully creating work for over 25 years. Her mind-shifting creativity inspires inner healing and racial reconciliation. The Detroit native has been named one of nine women making black history. She is also a nationally recognized social entrepreneur.

As the founder of the “March Forth” racial reconciliation movement, she established a new national racial healing and reconciliation Christian holiday. It is celebrated on each March 4th, because the date commands us to “March Forth” towards unity throughout the year.

She even created a sister holiday, March First, to inspire the nation to pursue greater career goals as racial equity is achieved and maintained. 

She is listed on People Maven’s List of Fantastic Public Speakers. Her powerful poetic performances have been featured on a variety of television shows, radio shows, college campuses, public schools, church events, and more.

She currently resides in Pontiac, MI with her wonderful husband, Ben.


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