Anne Denmark

Anne Denmark

Get to Know Anne: Anne Denmark, M. ED., PCC

Anne is a Professional Certified Coach, with the International Coach Federation. She serves with the faculty of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Through her business, Life Discovery Coaching Anne partners with clients cultivating transformational change and growth in their personal and professional lives ~ discovering their best for His glory.

Anne will be presenting a pre-conference session, Roots & Dreams - Your Life Story Timeline and team teaching two sessions with her husband, Creating Powerful Questions for Transformed Lives & Jitters to Joy: Hurdling the fears of Public Speaking.

Anne and her husband Don live in Franklin, TN and actively invest in three grown children, their spouses and lively ‘grands’. She offers 15 minute coaching sessions to help you determine your next steps.

Pre-Conference Session:

Roots & Dreams™ Your Life Story Timeline

Your Life Story Timeline

  • Discover an amazing clear over view of your life …  Roots, Defining Moments and Dreams
  • Experience the beauty and fingerprints of God’s design …  in and through the timeline of your own story
  • Learn a creative process to support you in sharing their story

Breakout Sessions:

Let’s Map Out Your Next Year

Team-teaching with Anne & Dr. Don Denmark

More and more people use the word overwhelm to describe their life. The things that matter most just don’t seem to rise to the surface of their priorities or get planned into their days.

Let’s make room for the important stuff!

Using the Life Wheel, this breakout session will guide you in:

  • assessing the key areas of your life
  • where are you now?
  • where would you like to be?
  • writing one main goal in each area
  • answering the questions
  • how will I do that?
  • when will I do that?
  • blocking next steps into your calendar

“You have been given a gift—your life. What will you do with it?” ~ Michael Hyatt


Use Learning Styles to Maximize Your Message

Effectively Use the Learning Style Languages of Your Audience

Team-Teaching with Anne and Dr. Don Denmark

The art of presentation is the art of making a connection between you and every member of your audience – all at the same time!” ~Vincent Suppa, Ph.D.

  • Learn the 4 learning styles of Anthony Gregorc – based on how people perceive their world and process/store information
  • Hear – the main questions of each style as they listen to your presentation
  • Identify your dominant learning style - you naturally use it to communicate
  • Use – best teaching and presentation techniques to reach every member of your audience

15-minute appointments

Professional Certified Life Coach

Anne is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and a faculty member for the Professional Christian Coaching Institute where she teaches interactive on-line courses. As an entrepreneur she works full-time in her life coaching business, Life Discovery Coaching in partnership with her clients cultivating transformational change and growth in their personal and professional lives.

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