Blythe Daniel

Blythe Daniel

Get to Know Blythe:

Blythe Daniel is an author, literary agent and marketer with 25 years of experience in media and publishing. She is a frequent speaker at writers conferences, podcasts, and any opportunity to share her passion of writing and helping authors share their distinct stories. Her agency represents more than 100 clients and conducts marketing campaigns in addition to their blog and podcast networks. She and her mom Dr. Helen McIntosh have co-written two books: Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters and I Love You, Mom! Blythe lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

Breakout Session:

What Publishers Say When Looking for a Unique Idea

If you don’t get an acceptance from a publisher, you may hear “we already have a book like that.” Many writers will go onto their next idea, which may not be any more unique than the first idea. How do you get into the lane of a unique idea? How do you research your topic and come up with comparative books and statements that reflect your book’s uniqueness? This is the area in which most books get passed over – publishers already have their book on your topic. We’ll look at how to turn the dial of your book hook to key in on distinctions that matter. And we’ll look at some books that are written on well-known topics but what made these others unique. Come prepared to shift your idea, not your audience. To create a message that stands on its own rather than fits in with what others are saying.


15-minute appointments:

Blythe is available to meet with published and unpublished writers who want feedback on a book idea or want to ask questions about the publishing process and their trajectory as a writer. Attendees may also ask what she is looking for and how agents work with authors and publishers.


Bonus Opportunity:

First Step Review—Blythe Daniel—$50

Literary agent Blythe Daniel is offering to do critiques for up to twenty attendees prior to the conference. She will read 10 pages of a book proposal or manuscript, whichever you prefer, in Word format. She will provide detailed feedback with comments and recommendations of next steps, and critiques will be returned by email before June 10.


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