Blythe Daniel

Blythe Daniel

Get to Know Blythe:

Blythe Daniel is an author, literary agent and marketer with 25 years of experience in media and publishing. She is a speaker for writers conferences and writes for publications such as Focus on the Family. Her passion is helping authors share their unique stories. She links bloggers with readers through BlogAbout and publicity campaigns. She is the co-author of Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters with her mom, Dr. Helen McIntosh, and lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

Breakout Session

Author Secrets for Success

This workshop is for anyone who is writing a first or second book. We’ll look at what authors learn in their first book process that they do better with for their second book. I’ll share the challenges and expectations of a first book and the differences I’ve seen with authors between their first and second books. We’ll look at what we can learn from second-time authors and mistakes writers can avoid. And we’ll uncover how authors can set themselves up for success by pinpointing what could be done the next time around.

Blythe Daniel, founder and literary agent at The Blythe Daniel Agency and author, looks at what authors learn in their first book process that they improve in their second book. Through personal experiences, practical ideas and Q & A, Blythe will help you to:

  • Meet the challenges and expectations of a first book with greater insight.
  • Learn from the mistakes of other authors and soften the blows of disappointments that come and how to move forward
  • Pinpoint how to set yourself up for success the second time around no matter your experience

15-minute appointments

Blythe is available to meet with published and unpublished writers who want feedback on a book idea or want to ask questions about the publishing process and their trajectory as a writer. Attendees may also ask what she is looking for and how agents work with authors and publishers.

Bonus Opportunity:

Blythe Daniel is offering to do critiques for attendees prior to the conference. She will read 10 pages of a book proposal or manuscript, whichever you prefer, in Word format. She will provide detailed feedback with comments and recommendations and meet with you at the conference to discuss it. This is valuable feedback that you normally wouldn’t receive at this rate.  $40

(Mail a check to Blythe or pay cash or check at the conference)


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