Brenda Yoder

Brenda Yoder

Get to Know Brenda:

Brenda L. Yoder is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, speaker, author, and life coach. She's authored Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind, and Balance, Busyness & Not Doing It All, and has been featured in The Washington Post and two Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She's also the host of the Life Beyond the Picket Fence podcast.

Brenda specializes in faith, life, and family beyond the storybook image. A speaker for women’s groups and youth, she also trains pastors and church leaders on topics relating to faith and mental, behavioral, and emotional health. Brenda is a mom of four and is found at

Brenda will be taking 15-minute appointments as a Life Coach.

Breakout Session

Nourish: Essential Self Care for the Speaker, Writer, and Ministry Leader.

Speaking and writing professionals have specific demands which require emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual care to prevent stress and burnout. In this seminar (or intensive workshop), licensed counselor and life coach Brenda L. Yoder equips participants with practical, personal tools for soul care and life balance for the longevity of your ministry or writing and speaking career.

15-minute appointments

Licensed Professional Counselor - Where do I go from here?

Let Brenda hear your questions or dilemmas, taking you from where you are to where you want to be. A counselor, coach, and educator in addition to speaker and writer, Brenda’s expertise is meeting your needs where you are. Brenda can help with her vast professional and personal toolbox, whether it’s “Where do I go from here?,” family and career balance, social media, or practical advice for your next steps.

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