Bruce W. Martin

Bruce W. Martin

Get to Know Bruce:

Bruce is the Founder and President of “Invest Your Life Ministries.” IYLM is a gospel-centered speaking, writing, coaching and conference ministry that helps people figure out their life mission and invest their life in the things that matter most to God. ( He’s the author of “Desperate For Hope” published in 2012 by Baker Publishing Group – Revell Division. ( He’s also the founding pastor of Westside Community Church, an urban multicultural congregation in Huntsville, Alabama and co-founder of The CornerStone Initiative, a non-profit community development organization that serves the under-resourced. An inspirational keynote speaker for conferences and seminars, his energetic and entertaining style is engaging to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. (

Breakout Session

Fearless: Overcoming Fears and Walking in God Confidence

Much of our fear and insecurity is based on comparison. We're not sure that what we have to say is important because so many others are saying similar things, seem to say it better, and/or have larger platforms. This talk helps writers and speakers focus on obedience, growing and developing their skills, and trusting God for the fruit.

Bonus Session

The Journey of Hope is a four-part message that takes us through the process of crisis, of grieving, of adapting, and of learning to hope again after we experience  suffering. It will be helpful to you personally, as you look back at the times of suffering in your own life. And it will also help those that you are writing and speaking to in your ministry!

15-minute appointments

Author & Speaker Mentor

Bruce is an established writer, speaker, counselor, and author of Desperate For Hope. He'll be taking one-to-one appointments with aspiring writers and speakers who want to take the next step in their ministry. He specializes in helping people find their voice, pick a lane to serve in, and love others well. He's also available if you just need a little encouragement and prayer!

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