Bruce W. Martin

Bruce W. Martin

Get to Know Bruce:

Bruce Martin is the Founder and President of Invest Your Life Ministries, a gospel-centered speaking, writing, coaching and counseling ministry that helps people figure out their life mission and invest their life in the things that matter most to God. ( He’s the author of “Desperate For Hope” published in 2012 by Baker Publishing Group – Revell Division. ( He leads an outdoor discipleship ministry called Born 2 Be Wild, where he takes people on 2 to 7-day wilderness backpacking trips. ( An inspirational keynote speaker for conferences and seminars, his energetic and entertaining style is engaging to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. (

Keynote - Undivided: How to Disagree without Being Disagreeable

Our world is more divided than ever before, and the church is not immune to the divisions. In an increasingly polarizing environment, how do Christian writers and speakers live out the prayer of Christ in John 17 “…that they would be one as the Father and I are one.” It’s possible, but we’ll have to go against the current trend of reacting immediately and learn how to respond appropriately. In this keynote, I unpack 5 specific ways to this:

  1. Be Quick to Listen – slow to speak and slow to become angry
  2. Be Humble and Gracious – You could be wrong, at least partly.
  3. Learn from those you disagree with – Instead of defending, ask curious questions.
  4. Educate Yourself – Read and listen more widely. Learn other perspectives and positions.
  5. Choose to Love – We may never agree on certain things, but we can have unity.


Bonus Breakout Session:


Feeling Anxious?  Who you are is more important than what you do

This is a workshop on understanding true identity and significance in Christ. We're not significant or important because of what we do (or don't do.) We're important because of who we are and we bring that import to everything we do. This talk helps folks focus on walking with God, enjoying Him, and letting Him develop our character. Then, what we DO is simply a by-product of our identity in Christ and flows from our relationship with Him.

15-minute appointments  (Writers & Speakers)

Bruce is an established writer, speaker, counselor, and author of Desperate For Hope. He'll be taking one-to-one appointments with aspiring writers and speakers who want to take the next step in their ministry. He specializes in helping people find their voice, pick a lane to serve in, and love others well. He's also available if you just need a little encouragement and prayer!

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