Bruce W. Martin

Bruce W. Martin

Get to Know Bruce:

Author, Speaker, Counselor, Outdoor Adventure Guide

Bruce has been a speaker and counselor for 25 years and writes and speaks extensively on hope, leadership, life mission, the Gospel in culture. He’s the founder of Invest Your Life where he provides gospel- centered life coaching and counseling, helping folks invest their lives in what matters most. He’s the co-founder of The Cornerstone Initiative, a community development organization that serves the vulnerable in Huntsville, AL. His company, Born 2 Be Wild, takes folks on 2-10-day backpacking trips where they teach the Way of Christ in the backcountry. And he’s the author of “Desperate For Hope: Hanging On and Finding God During Life’s Hardest Times.” He’s been married to his sweetheart, Marlina Martin, for 38 years. They have a married 23-year-old son Zach, a 6 year-old dog Dugg, and reside in Huntsville, Alabama. You can reach him at


Breakout Session:


How God Can Use the Worst Part of Your Story in Your Writing and Speaking

All of us have experienced hard times, even trauma. We’ve done terrible things, or we’ve had terrible things done to us. But we’re not defined by the worst thing we’ve ever done, or that’s been done to us. God is a God of redemption. Literally making beauty from ashes. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how the worst parts of our story can bring blessing and healing to others!

15-minute appointments  (Writers & Speakers)

Bruce is an established writer, speaker, counselor, and author of Desperate For Hope. He'll be taking one-to-one appointments with aspiring writers and speakers who want to take the next step in their ministry. He specializes in helping people find their voice, pick a lane to serve in, and love others well. He's also available if you just need a little encouragement and prayer!

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