Caris Snider

Caris Snider

Get to Know Caris:

Caris Snider is a Christian Communicator who shares the hope of God through speaking, coaching, writing, and leading worship. She is the author of Anxiety Elephants 31 Day Devotional(Brookstone Publishing Group) and Anxiety Elephants for Tween Boys and Tween Girls 90 Day Devotional(End Game Press). Her passion for the Lord comes forth as she shares from her experiences of overcoming depression, anxiety, fear, and shame. Caris desires to help all generations to see their value and worth through the eyes of the Lord. It is important to her to give a voice to the voiceless and help those who feel alone. Caris wants everyone to find freedom to go after their purpose and calling on their lives because no one else can accomplish what God created them to do.

Caris graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Early Child Development. She became a Certified Life Coach in 2021. She has been married to her husband, Brandon, for 18 years. She is a mom to two precious daughters, Zoe and Allye. When Caris is not writing or speaking, she is serving on her worship team at church or helping at schools. They currently reside in Cullman, AL.

Caris will be teaching one breakout session and offering 15 minute appointments.

Breakout Session:

Punch List for Anxiety-Free Speaking

Fear of public speaking is the greatest fear among 75% of Americans. It ranks higher than the fear of dying for most. As Bertrand Russell says, “To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” This class will give you the wisdom you need to overcome anxious feelings to speak freely.

We will discuss topics such as finding your “Why”, identifying anxiety triggers, how to connect to your audience through your story, how to get started in small ways, and much more!

There is power through your spoken words. When you are willing to share your story of how you have overcome battles, God will send the exact people who need to hear. By being obedient to His calling on your life, He will use you to reach others no one else can reach.

15-minute appointments

Do you feel a passion inside to share the painful parts of your life where God has breathed in hope? Is there a stirring inside of you to help others take off their mask so they no longer feel the pressure to hide and fit a certain mold? Are you wanting to help others go after their purpose for such a time as this? Meet with Caris to talk about the power of sharing your story to the world around you. She will listen to your questions and give you encouragement and action steps on how to move forward in faith and no longer be paralyzed in fear.


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