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Carol Ensminger

Get to Know Carol:

Carol is a busy mentor, Bible teacher, and co-founder of CaSh 2 Consulting with Shawna Culp. Together they design and develop affordable websites for authors and speakers in ministry.

Shawna and Carol work in ministry together where they help others take their lives and ministries to the next level. They also launched Purify: Detox the Crap out of their passion for helping young girls. This past year they supplied Beautiful Bags to young women in group homes, shelters and strip clubs. These kits include a devotional and items to help every young girl feel beautiful from the inside out.

Carol resides in Arizona with her husband Michael and together, they have six children and ten grandchildren. She enjoys reading, mentoring, writing, spending time with her grandchildren and traveling wherever Jesus leads her.

Pre-Conference Session:

Essential Tech Tools—for Writers, Speakers & Leaders (3 hours)

In this Pre-Conference session, we will discuss key components to help you take your story to the world using the latest technology. We will help erase any fears of tackling technology in your ministry by presenting key ideas and then spend some time with hands-on support implementing the ideas. We will demonstrate the many ways to save time, direct your focus, and increase your income by turning to technical programs.

In this course, you will: 

  • Learn how to create a framework to sell your story.
    • Receive marketing tips to help your online presence come alive.
    • Find out what words to never use on social to get more viewers and interaction.
    • Hear words to use to prevent you from being ignored on social media.
    • Review the benefits of apps and online programs to save time and money.
    • Learn how to take one talk and make money through online courses.
    • Understand online membership platforms and build community.
    • See how to produce an online book in just a few steps.
    • Receive a FREE ebook to manage a quality book launch team.

Join us as we help you use technology to take your book, speech, or ministry to the next level.

An excellent session for both writers and speakers.

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