chad aleo

Chad Aleo

Get to Know Chad:

With over a Decade of Sales Experience Chad has easily logged over 10,000+ hours in the sales arena. Getting his start selling educational books door to door as a college student making over 50k in a 12 week sales internship to where he is now, Chad is not only a Top Producer, but has been in every sales role prior.He is the Founder of the High Ticket Sales Academy and dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom through mastering the art of sales in the High-Ticket Area. He is the Co - Author of the bestselling book  “Breaking the Charts’ ' - How to 2k your sales in 60 days or less.

Chad has a passion for helping others overcome their own limiting beliefs, so they can live into who they were truly meant to be.

15-minute appointments:

Do you have a message but you are unsure how to convey that message through a book? Does writing a book seem intimidating? Do you have a self-published book but you would like to discuss the best strategies for marketing and selling it? Chad and Matt have collectively helped over 2500 aspiring authors get published, and many of them have spent prolonged time on the Amazon bestsellers list. In our session we will provide for you tips and tactics to build momentum toward your author dreams!

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