Cynthia Cavanaugh

Cynthia Cavanaugh

Get to Know Cynthia:

Sitting across a table engaged in meaningful conversation with a cup of tea and helping others flourish is Cynthia’s joy. Her story of brokenness has propelled her to write, speak, and give voice to help others redeem their pain and heal through the pages of God’s Word.  Cynthia is the author of multiple books and the award-winning author of Anchored: Leading Through the Storms by New Hope Publishers which focuses on leading with godly integrity amid adversity and Live Bold: A Devotional Journal to Strengthen Your Soul with Redemption Press. Her latest bible study project will be released in 2022 with Moody Publishers. Cynthia is also a certified life coach and adjunct professor at Trinity Western University in the Leadership Degree Program. In addition to writing and teaching, she is a freelance editor for new authors, providing content coaching and cooperative rewrites for Redemption Press along with serving on the She Writes for Him Team. 


When she is not writing or speaking, you can find her playing games with her grandkids or watching a true-to-life movie with her hubby at home in the far corner of the Pacific Northwest. A little tea and chocolate make her smile. You can follow Cynthia on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For info on her upcoming courses and her newly released podcast, Soul Anchor, visit

Breakout Session:

What Do I Write About?

Connecting Your Core Values, Purpose and Vision to Your Writing

Ever wonder what should be your next best writing project?  Is there a formula to your writing success? Yes! When we can effectively communicate what is important to us, that significantly influences the success of our writing. In this practicum you will learn how your core values impact your writing and how to identify which ones are the most important. You will create a take-away that will bring clarity for your next writing project. 

Part One - Core Values and how they drive our decisions, behaviors and what we write about. Tools: Identify and discover your top three core values by viewing the big picture of your life experiences, gifts, events and skills.  

Part Two - How to implement your core values in your purpose statement. Tools: Create a mission statement that can help set-up your writing success. 

Part Three - Combining core values and purpose statement to craft a clear vision for writing. Tools: Draft of vision statement to create goals and action steps for your next writing project.


15-minute appointments

Author Mentor

Have an idea for a non-fiction book, bible study, or teaching material, but not sure how to start? Meet with Cynthia, and come away with clarity for your core message. Let her coach you for the next steps to start your book project with a focused message to tell your story.


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