Don Denmark

Dr. Donald Denmark

Get to Know Don: Dr. Donald M Denmark, MD, FAAFP, FCFP, MMM, CPE

Dr. Don Denmark transitioned to his “Encore Years” after serving the medical profession for 40 years. With years of experience in private practice both in Canada and the U.S., he has been honored as one of America’s top family doctors, and as ‘Teacher of the Year’ for the Great Plains Family Practice Residency Program.

He is currently a certified facilitator/trainer with the Institute for Healthcare Communication for equipping healthcare professionals in Disclosure of Unanticipated Medical Outcomes. He contracts with Ascension Health Risk Management as a consultant and facilitator for Communication Skills Training for healthcare leaders. He is skilled at changing corporate cultures and negotiating conflicts.

Don and his wife Anne are masterful leadership trainers and often team-teach together to strengthen marriages.


Breakout Sessions

Let’s Map Out Your Next Year

Team-teaching with Anne & Dr. Don Denmark

More and more people use the word overwhelm to describe their life. The things that matter most just don’t seem to rise to the surface of their priorities or get planned into their days.

Let’s make room for the important stuff!

Using the Life Wheel, this breakout session will guide you in:

  • assessing the key areas of your life
  • where are you now?
  • where would you like to be?
  • writing one main goal in each area
  • answering the questions
  • how will I do that?
  • when will I do that?
  • blocking next steps into your calendar

“You have been given a gift—your life. What will you do with it?” ~ Michael Hyatt 


Using Learning Styles to Maximize Your Message

Team-Teaching with Anne and Dr. Don Denmark

The art of presentation is the art of making a connection between you and every member of your audience – all at the same time!” ~Vincent Suppa, Ph.D.

  • Learn the 4 learning styles of Anthony Gregorc – based on how people perceive their world and process/store information
  • Hear – the main questions of each style as they listen to your presentation
  • Identify your dominant learning style - you naturally use it to communicate
  • Use – best teaching and presentation techniques to reach every member of your audience

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