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Cherie Nettles

Humorist, Speaker, Writer

Cherie is comedienne, story-teller, Certified Laughter Leader, Bible teacher, motivational speaker, and writer.

Get To Know Cherie

Cherie Nettles is a Christian comedienne, a speaker and storyteller with over 21 years on the stage. She has learned the Art of the Recovery the hard way – on stage. Cherie’s desire is to help speakers overcome these missteps and learn how to keep the flow of God’s message going through them without the “hitch.”

Cherie has been featured on AtlantaLive, Babbie’s House, local television, radio, and multiple podcasts. She is a member of the Christian Comedy Association, she founded and annually host The Story Rx: Your Prescription for Christian storytelling, and she has spoken from Hawaii to Florida sharing her Biblical messages, humorous stories, comedy, and inspiration.

Cherie has written for HomeLife, LivingReal Magazine and multiple other publications.  Also, she has co-authored two devotional books and is currently working on her third.  Finally, Cherie has written her own story, Growing My Divine Shrine.

Cherie believes her first ministry is always at home. Cherie has been married to Mike for thirty-four years, they have two adult children with wonderful spouses and has a granddaughter, Emma. In 2019 Mike and Cherie opened their home to their third child, a half-priced Yorkie-Poo that she affectionately named Clarence (the Southern pronunciation of clearance.) Cherie and Mike reside in West Columbia, SC.

Breakout Session


Every speaker has forgotten a point. Every speaker has left out that favorite verse, and most of us have apologized and made the audience uncomfortable in their error. The Art of the Recovery workshop will help speakers learn how to turn those missteps into opportunities to keep the flow of the message moving with the audience.

In this workshop, Cherie will walk through the common missteps and show how to overcome them by using the power of your voice, your words, your body language, and a bit of humor. Cherie will deliver a workshop that equips speakers with the tools so they never say, “Oh wait, I forgot something.” Cherie believes that even our missteps can be redirected by God and He uses this pause for His message to impact the world.

15-Minute Appointments


Jesus taught in parables, but have you ever considered your story is one of the tools that Jesus continues to use today, to teach God’s Word? Storytelling is a wonderful way to connect with your audiences, and I’m her to answer your questions about how to do it best.

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