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Suzanne Kuhn

Author, Speaker, Branding and Publishing Expert, Brookstone Publishing Group

Suzanne is passionate about helping creatives hone their message, identify their personal brand, and reach their specific audience.

Get To Know Suzanne

Brand strategist, promotions specialist, seasoned marketer, and brain-stormer.

Suzanne Kuhn (a.k.a SuzyQ) is Founder of Brookstone Publishing Group and Brookstone Creative Group. She brings 35 years of industry experience including publishing, marketing, retail, and working with New York Times Best Selling authors. Suzanne understands no two stories or messages are alike, each offers their own distinction. She is dedicated to helping creatives identify their uniqueness, develop high-impact strategies, and publish books they can be proud of. Her mission is to help others pursue and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Pre-Conference Session

Before You Pack It In (Suzanne & Shawn Kuhn)

(Pre-Conference Zoom/All In-Person Conferees)

How many pair of shoes is one too many? Do I need a different outfit for each appointment? Should I bring my printer…and everything else from my desk? More snacks? Avoid the pitfalls of conference prep and packing. Practical advise to purposefully pack as you prayerfully prepare. Learn what to bring, leave, and wing. Be ready physically, mentally, and spiritually to make the most out of your Speak Up experience.

Breakout Session

Build Your Brand

Your brand is your promise of what your audience should expect to receive from interaction with you and your product(s). In this session, we explore means for discovering, defining, embracing, and promoting your personal brand. We will discuss key components to successful branding, do’s and don’ts of branding, and the benefits of taking the time to create and build a unique brand.

15-Minute Appointments

Brand and Publishing Strategist

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet Suzanne Kuhn, whose personal and professional mission is, “To advance the Kingdom of God through the written and spoken word.” Her branding, marketing, and publishing expertise has helped countless authors, speakers, leaders and other creatives to strengthen their platforms and expand their message reach. Bring your book ideas, marketing questions, and branding challenges. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll take away from a short 15-minute session.

Brookstone Publishing Group is currently acquiring all genres. Let us help you from concept to completion or at any place along your journey. Suzanne always says, “Let us help you from mind to autograph signed.”

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