jenn hand

Jennifer Hand

Get to Know Jenn:

Jennifer Hand, founder and Executive Director of Coming Alive Ministries, has a desire to provide an invitation to Come Alive in Christ through conferences, retreats, and written resources. Jenn started her love of speaking and teaching the word of God when she got her first Precious Moments Bible at the age of eight years old.   She used to have her friends gather on the playground and come to her Bible club. Jenn now has an active international speaking ministry.

Jenn has written six books,  her latest with Moody Publishers, My Yes is on the Table: Moving from Fear to Faith, released April 2022. With a Master’s degree in Trauma counseling, Jenn is blessed to travel the world ministering in post-disaster situations and third world countries.

Jenn lives in Tennessee where she loves to drink strong black coffee, collects way too many coffee cups, and travels the world on one Jesus adventure at a time.

This year Jenn is our opening keynote speaker. She is also part of the Prayer Team & will be taking 15-minute appointments.

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