jennifer jackson

Jennifer Jackson

Get to Know Jennifer:

Jennifer Jackson hosts a daily radio show, Simply for Women. She is a speaker, author, and women’s pastor at her local church. She is devoted to full-time ministry and leading women to Jesus. She walks beside them in support of their spiritual journey. She is energized by watching women grow and change into the beautiful design God has prepared for each of them. Jennifer desires to make the spiritually complicated matters of life so simple that anyone can enjoy more intimacy with God, no matter where they start. She loves mentoring women, by helping them discover what God is offering such as healing, forgiveness, prayer, and freedom. She inspires women to ultimately take His love and encourage others. 

Jennifer has joyfully served Jesus for over 25 years. She has led in many staff roles including international missions, community outreach planner, next-generation coordinator, and women’s ministry leader. She excels in developing teams while serving others. Jennifer and her husband Pastor Doyle together with an amazing group of people revitalized a local church into a growing, life-giving community. For this couple nothing is more exciting than teaching God’s Word, leading people to Christ, and watching them be transformed by His power. 

Breakout Session:

Being Your Best YOU, Broadcasting Professionalism

Have you ever wanted to highlight your ministry, book or message on television or radio? Perhaps you would even like to host your own. Join Jennifer as she walks you through how to find the perfect opportunity for you.  You will learn material preparation techniques, follow up plans, growing professional relationships and how to maximize your on airtime. She will boost your confidence as we talk about on-screen makeup, green room, and wardrobe tricks. 

15-minute appointments:

Jennifer Jackson will help you find your perfect opportunity. You will learn how to present and prepare yourself for radio and television openings. She will also walk you through being fully prepared with the necessary items in your portfolio and numerous practical tips when an opportunity for television or radio arises. Some of the areas she will cover are finding opportunities, your resume, tools for memorization, tips on appearance, public relations, follow-up and so much more.

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