Jill Savage

Jill Savage

Get to Know Jill:

Jill Savage is an author, speaker, and coach who is passionate about encouraging and empowering others.

A graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, and founder of Hearts at Home, a ministry to moms, Jill now travels the world as an author and speaker. Called one of today’s most exciting Christian female speakers, Jill’s honest, engaging communication is strengthened by her ability to make her audience laugh while they learn.

Founder of the online Inspire Speaker Course, Jill is the creator of eight online courses, the co-creator of an online marriage membership community, the author of seven books and the co-author of five including the bestselling No More Perfect Moms, and No More Perfect Marriages (co-authored with her husband). She and her husband Mark have five children, eight grandchildren, and a whole herd of barn cats. You can find Jill online at www.jillsavage.org and www.NoMorePerfect.com.

Pre-Conference Session:


Increase Your Influence and Find Your Stage

Years ago, a speaker’s primary stage was one he or she actually stood on in front of an audience sitting in chairs. The internet and social media have completely changed that. There are dozens of stages you can “stand” on each and every day. In this 3-hour pre-conference session, you will:


  • Expand your understanding of what a stage is.
  • Identify next steps to embrace each kind of stage.
  • Discover different audiences who need your message and influence.
  • Learn the language of online marketing and educational platforms.
  • Be inspired to broaden your influence.
  • Strengthen your ability to deliver a power-packed message on any stage.


Breakout Session:


How To Develop An Online Course

You have a message people need. You’ve honed skills people want to acquire. You have learned lessons others need to learn. It’s time for you to develop an online course! Here’s the best part: you can teach people without even leaving your home! Join Jill in learning the ins and outs of developing an online course! In this workshop you will:

  • Explore different platforms for teaching online including some that have no cost at all!
  • Identify best practices for online educators.
  • Understand the financial elements of charging for online courses.
  • Learn how to keep an online audience engaged in the content.
  • Determine one practical next step you can do to create an online learning opportunity for others.


15-minute appointments:

Author & Speaker Mentor & Building Your Platform

Jill has been writing and speaking for over twenty years and she loves teaching others how to hone their communication skills.  As the Founder of Hearts at Home, an organization that produced professional conferences for moms for 24 years, she’s been on all sides of the speaking, writing, non-profit, and more recently, entrepreneurship world. She is taking one-on-one appointments with those who want to grow their platform and influence. She specializes in helping people identify the next right step they need to take in their relationships and ministry journey.

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