Joel Armstrong

Get to Know Joel:

Joel Armstrong is a trade editor at Kregel Publications, where he works on a wide variety of general-interest nonfiction and fiction. He also writes speculative novels and poetry. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife and their two cats. Find out more about his writing at

Breakout Session:


Self-Editing: Becoming Your Own Most Helpful Critic: 

With Janyre Tromp & Joel Armstrong

Always get a second pair of eyes on your writing. It’s an excellent rule of thumb, but how do you edit your own work to make it the best you can before sharing it with others? Janyre Tromp and Joel Armstrong are both in-house editors who also write (and edit) their own books. In this session, learn how to see your writing with fresh eyes, evaluate your structure and approach with your readers’ needs in mind, and “kill your darlings” when your pet anecdotes, talking points, or weasel words are getting in the way of clear, concise writing. 


15-minute appointments

Associate Editor - Kregel Publications

Kregel Publications acquires broadly in nonfiction and fiction. Especially interested in nonfiction titles with authentic storytelling, social justice themes, pastoral perspectives and/or mental health topics. Excellent historical romance, contemporary suspense, and women’s fiction with biblical grounding always welcome. Please no poetry or scripts. One sheets, proposals, and synopses are helpful but not necessary. First-time authors welcome.

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