karen neumair

Karen Neumair

Get to Know Karen:

Karen is a Senior Literary Agent and the COO of Credo Communications, where she assists authors with their book proposals and connects them with potential publishers. For the past decade, she has worked alongside nonfiction authors who write about Christian Living and Spiritual Growth, as well as books for women, families, and children.

Breakout Session: 


How to Know Which Publishing Path is Right for You

Brand new to the publishing process? Senior Literary Agent Karen Neumair unpacks the pros and cons of three publishing paths to help you determine which one is best for your unique literary aspirations. She then provides an overview of the basic steps to break into traditional publishing, including the role of a literary agent and how to find one. (Target audience: Beginning to intermediate authors deciding whether to pursue a traditional publisher or self-publish)


15-minute appointments:


Karen Neumair, Senior Literary Agent and COO – Credo Communications

Karen current represents children’s and adult nonfiction only, with particular interest in Christian living and spiritual growth. Her teammates are acquiring fiction in addition to nonfiction.

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