Kathleen Kerr

Kathleen Kerr

Kathleen Kerr grew up around books, and when she got old enough she decided to try making them herself. She is an acquisitions editor at Harvest House Publishers, working with debut, bestselling, and award winning authors, and she is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country. Previously, she was an acquisitions editor at Zondervan Publishing House. She has a passion for cultivating an author’s message, finding new voices, and inviting readers into a deeper walk with Christ. Kathleen lives with her husband and daughters in the Pacific Northwest, where she can often be found hiking, writing, and creating chaos in the kitchen.


Breakout Session

How to Avoid an Embarrassing Book Proposal

Your first point of connection with an editor is likely going to be a book proposal. This proposal is where you communicate three things—your message, your wordsmithing abilities, and your audience. In this workshop, we’ll work through all the key elements that acquisitions editors need to see in your pitch. Far from being a tedious hoop to jump through before getting a book contract, we’ll see how the proposal is your chance to refine and perfect your message so it’s ready for the world.

15-minute appointments

I’m currently acquiring adult nonfiction, with a particular focus on women’s books. I’d love to see material on spiritual growth, Christian living, and practical theology. I’m always interested in books that urge the reader to go beyond surface-level understanding of faith. I’m not looking for Bible studies or devotionals at this point.


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