Katie M. Reid

Get to Know Katie:

Katie M. Reid is the author of Made Like Martha and A Very Bavarian Christmas. She is a dynamic speaker and co-host of the Martha + Mary Show podcast. As the Inspiration Doula, and a coach with the Ministry to Business team, Katie helps creatives bring life to their projects and purpose. She is also the co-creator of the e-course, SocialWised U. Katie loves to hold the ladder so others can climb higher and shine brighter in the Kingdom. 

Katie and her husband, Adam, have five kids and live in the middle of Michigan. Connect with Katie at katiemreid.com Text 33777 to sign-up for Katie's newsletter and receive monthly encouragement. 

Visit Katie’s website: katiemreid.com

Breakout Session:

The Write Time is Now 

Katie provides writers with ten steps to get unstuck, so they can move forward on their writing journey. This empowering message will free writers to offer their words to the world, starting today.


15-minute appointments:

Author & Speaker Mentor, and Social Media - Your Online Presence

As the Inspiration Doula, Katie coaches creatives, by helping them give birth to their purpose and projects. Whether that is growing your speaking ministry, finding a unique angle for your book idea, starting a podcast, networking effectively, or fresh ideas for branding and marketing your message, Katie looks forward to helping you take the next step in your God-given purpose.

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