Samira Myers

Samira Myers

Get to Know Samira:

After an injury temporarily left Samira without the use of her hands, she felt the Lord encourage her to let go of the calligraphy business she built and follow Him into the unknown. Not without a fight, she let go and embarked on a wild adventure of creative abandon. No longer bound by perfectionism, she started to play, risk and worship again through her art.

To her surprise, Samira experienced healing and restoration as she painted and worshiped. Out of this intimacy, Samira was able to let go, trust and heal. 

“I knew that if I didn’t invite others into this art & worship experience, I was robbing God of what He wanted to do in their lives,” Samira says. 

It was then that Art & Worship Gatherings were born.

By leading others in such a way, Samira has the honor of journeying alongside others as they encounter a living God through prayer, scripture meditation, worship and painting. This is an experience unlike any other. 

In central Florida, Samira happily lives in the country with her entrepreneur husband, their adopted son, mini golden doodle Josie and lots of cows. Among spending time with family, Samira loves a good cup of French pressed coffee, kettle corn and bargain shopping.

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A Year of Momentum (co-taught with Virginia Davidson)

Looking at your next steps from this weekend can feel overwhelming. You have been given great information, wonderful insights, but now how do you organize the flurry of thoughts that spin in your mind? Join us for A Year of Momentum as we walk through setting realistic, yet big, goals, identifying your mission, vision and value statements, understanding pitfalls that await you and finding the people that will cheer you on. Leave Speak Up with a clear plan to help propel you into this year as you strategically and joyfully pursue all that God has for you.

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