Sandi Banks

Sandi Banks

Get to Know Sandi:

Sandi Banks is a published author with Broadman & Holman/ Lifeway and contributing author with Guideposts, Reader’s Digest, Tyndale House, Simon & Schuster, Bethany House, David C. Cook, Zondervan and others.

As an international traveler and inspirational storyteller, Sandi delights in pointing people to Christ, by weaving insights and hope from His Word into her stories—her struggles, adventures, and humorous mis-adventures— through forty countries and forty-plus years of life. She inspires others to do the same.

“Seeing our experiences in light of His Word, and using our God-given gifts to share them, can bring glory to Him.” This is the heart of Sandi’s devotional writing ministry and workshop.

Sandi loves serving on the Speak Up Team each year with some of the finest (and “funnest”) Christian leaders and communicators. She may meet you Zoom prayer room as a praying friend, or encourage you at an appointment as a mentor, helping you discover how your story may bring God glory.

Breakout Session:

Joy of Writing and Publishing Devotions

Your stories can impact the world, one heart at a time!

Join Sandi Banks for this interactive, inspiring, informative workshop. Here you will learn key elements for effectively writing devotions, then getting them into the publishers' hands and the readers’ hearts.

What’s so intriguing and rewarding about devotional writing? It communicates truth, heart-to-heart, and points the reader upward for encouragement and connection with God—all in a five-minute-or-less read.

Sandi defines devotional writing as a "nugget of truth, wrapped in a story, immersed in insight, served with grace." Come discover what that means, and how God can use your gifts and experiences to honor Him and offer hope to a hurting world.


15-minute appointments

Author Mentor - Writing Devotionals

Sandi is an author whose works include Anchors of Hope: Finding Peace Amidst the Storms of Life and dozens of stories for Readers Digest and Guidepost, and numerous others. As author, conference host, and international traveler and speaker, Sandi feels honored to use pen and voice to help people find direction and renewed hope.

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