Schedule Overview

Breakout Session #1

(S) Speaking 101 (Carol Kent & Bonnie Emmorey)

(S) Taking Your Speaking Ministry to the Next Level (Michelle Nietert)

(W) Making Your Way Through the Self-Publishing Jungle (Athena Dean Holtz)

(W) Writing Pitch Copy to Dazzle Editors and Agents (Lorilee Craker)

(S/W) Building a Booming Speaking & Writing Ministry (Shannon Ethridge)

(S/W) Living in the Freedom Already Won for Us (Judy Dunagan)

Breakout Session #2

(S) Making Your Speeches Come Alive (Carol Kent)

(S) Creating Powerful Questions for Transformed Lives (Don and Anne Denmark)

(W) Writing a Compelling Non-Fiction Book Proposal (C. Lambert)

(W) Writing When Your World is Falling Apart (Jill Savage)

(S/W) Everyone Loves a Good Theme (Cindy McDowell)

(S/W) Self-Care for Writers & Speakers (Tanya Glanzman)

Breakout Session #3

(S) Teaching the Bible with Clarity (Carol Kent & Bonnie Emmorey)

(S) Facing Criticism with Confidence (Jeri Howe)

(W) Writing Opportunities Other than Book Publication (Dave Lambert)

(W) Engaging Readers with Story in Nonfiction (Janyre Tromp & Joel Armstrong)

(S/W) Hide it Under a Bushel? KNOW! (Suzanne Khun)

(S/W) Developing a Prayer Plan (Kathe Wunnenberg)

Breakout Session #4

(S) Outlining with Pizzazz (Bonnie Emmorey)

(S) Growing as a Speaker (Jennifer Slattery)

(W) Straight-talk Manuscript Rescue (Karen Porter)

(W) Do You Really Need an Agent ( Karen Neumair)

(S/W) Logos Bible Software (Sean Taylor)

(S/W) Blogging to Build Your Platform (Susan Call)

Breakout Session #5

(S/W) 5 Platform-Building Questions Every Speaker/Writer Must Ask (Shannon Popkin)

(S/W) Shouting in a Windstorm (Cyle Young)

(S/W) Healthy Boundaries for the Writer and Speaker (Brenda Yoder)

(S/W) Goal Planning (Jennie Afman Dimkoff)

(S/W) Identity Crisis: Why who you are is more important than what you do (Bruce Martin)

(S/W) Leveraging Pinterest to Find and Grow Your Audience (Sarah Forgrave)

Breakout Session #6

(S) Preparing Your Personal Testimony (Carol Kent)

(S) Presenting and Negotiating Your Speaker Fees (Cindy Bultema)

(W) The Joy of Writing & Publishing Devotionals (Sandi Banks)

(W) Writing & Publishing Memoirs (Cheri Cowell)

(S/W) Podcasting Like the Pros (Lee Nienhuis)

(S/W) The Story That Matters Most (Megan Brown)

Breakout Session #7

(S) Aim for Results (Bonnie Emmorey)

(S) Jitters to Joy (Don & Anne Denmark)

(W) Market Ready Books (Cyle Young)

(W) What makes a Non-Fiction Book a Success? (Karen Porter)

(S/W) Designing a Ministry Focused Website (Cindy Bultema)

(S/W) Ministry is a Marathon not a Sprint (Jenn Hand)