Scott Lindsey

Scott Lindsey

Get to Know Scott:

Ministry Relations Director for Logos Bible Software. Scott Lindsey’s passion is to equip Christian communicators with the best tools available for the life-long pursuit of God through His word. The world has gone digital and Scott's ministry is to bring people's Bible study and research into the 21st century. Scott teaches at over 20+ conferences per year. He has personally trained and worked with the ministries of Tim Keller, David Jeremiah, Josh McDowell, Carol Kent, John MacArthur, Kay Arthur, and many more.


Breakout Session:


Logos Bible Software Training

Communication that produces change happens when we apply the truth of God's word to people's lives. Today in ministry, we must be prepared to share the truth of Scripture to a culture that has gone digital. This interactive workshop will demonstrate the use of Logos Bible Software for effective speaking preparation, writing research, and personal Bible study. What normally takes five to 10 hours of flipping through paper books for speaking prep and Bible study can be done in seconds - and the depth of study is unparalleled! Logos 8 gives you access to your entire biblical library wherever you are because it is compatible with Mac®, PC, iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ - this ease of use and power of Logos will be clearly taught and demonstrated.


“Every Christian who is serious about the study of God's Word should be introduced to Logos Bible Software and Scott Lindsey. Both have enhanced my study of the Scriptures in ways I could have never imagined. With the single click of a mouse, I have access to thousands of resources and can tap the minds of hundreds of scholars in less time than it takes to grab one book from the shelf and open it! And Scott’s ability to teach a technologically-illiterate girl like me how to make my Bible study come to life has been amazing.” 

 - Priscilla Shirer - Author and Bible teacher


Scott Lindsey combines an infectious love for the study of God's Word with an extraordinary ability as a communicator and a trainer. A "born teacher," he is a terrific resource for both beginners and more advanced users of the Logos technology. He has a warm, servant's heart and truly enjoys helping others use this tool to deepen their understanding of the Word and help you write and teach more effectively. His training has been an enormous help to me and my studies.”

 - Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Author and speaker, Revive Our Hearts

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