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Shannon Popkin

Get to Know Shannon:

From the platform and page, Shannon Popkin invites you to open your Bible, drink deeply of God’s story, and live like it’s true.

Shannon is from west Michigan and is happy to be sharing life with Ken, who makes her laugh every day. Together they have the joy of watching their three young-adult children become the amazing people God created them to be. They also enjoy their two adorable shih tzus, who—unlike the kids—have no plans of moving out.

Shannon’s books include Comparison Girl, Control Girl, and Influence and she hosts the “Live Like It’s True” podcast. Shannon has been featured on FamilyLife Today, Revive Our Hearts, and Proverbs 31. For more from Shannon, please go to, or connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.


Keynote Session:

Comparison Girl

"Look over at her," Satan whispers into the ear of one speaker. "Compared to her, you're a total fail!" Then he flies to the ear of the other speaker and whispers, "See her? Compared to her, you're a rock star!" Satan doesn't care whether we emerge with an attitude of inferiority or superiority; either way he leads us into bondage and isolation. For our enemy, comparison isn't a game; it's a strategy of war to distract us from our true calling.

But Jesus came to set us free. Rather than spending our lives trying to measure up, Jesus invites us to pour ourselves out. We don't do so in a uniform way, for our gifts and platforms are unique. As we follow Jesus closely, he shows each of us where to water the dry, empty places with our words, and how to douse the darkness with truth. As we link arms and empty ourselves out, we are filled with hope, purpose, and joy.

Breakout Session:

Mistakes Speakers Make On and Off the Platform

Shannon’s made lots of mistakes, both on and off the platform! But you don’t have to make the same ones. She’ll share some rookie mistakes, ways to improve, and how to give yourself grace, since—like  everybody else, you’re still learning.


15-minute appointments:

Speaker & Author Mentor

Shannon would love to encourage you, pray with you, and brainstorm ideas on how to keep in step with the Spirit's guidance for your writing and speaking journey. She would also love to offer input on the publishing process (traditional or self-published), growing your speaking ministry, or building a platform that elevates Jesus.

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