Shari Braendel

Shari Braendel

Style Expert Shari Braendel inspires women to new levels of confidence at conferences around the globe and through her You Tube Channel. She is also the founder of “The Nicest Style Community on the Internet” where hundreds of women gather daily to receive advice on their outfits while complimenting and encouraging one another regarding their aging and changing bodies.

The author of Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear, (Zondervan), she is also the creator of the best-selling capsule wardrobe online course, The 27 Hanger Closet. She is passionate about sharing the love of Christ through the avenue of outer appearance in a comparison driven world that is so out of balance in its thinking of how we see ourselves.

On a personal note, Shari loves having morning coffee on the front porch with her hubby, visiting their adult children and grands, doing CrossFit and reading while snuggling on the sofa next to her dog and two cats. Find her at or her YouTube Channel, Style Tips with Shari.

Signature Style Appointment with Style Expert Shari Braendel

During this 15-minute power packed appointment, you will work side by side with Style Expert Shari Braendel to develop a 3- word phrase that becomes your individual author/speaker Signature Style Statement.

After determining your style statement, you will then be treated to a professional color analysis to find out your best colors. You’ll take home a full set of 36 fabric color swatches, including the digital format to keep on your phone; a makeup instructional guide for your color code, and a step by step guide to dressing your best for speaking engagements.

Cost: $45

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