Shari Braendel

Shari Braendel

Get to Know Shari:

If you hear a loud laugh from across the room, it’s likely to be Shari Braendel working with a client and having a great time doing so! Whether she’s assessing your coloring (and asking you gently if you really DO have color in your hair), or helping you find clothes that look great for your body shape, she’s the girl who will help you look your very best while having a wonderful time discovering that you have unique personal style.

Shari lives in Charlotte, NC and shares life with husband, Dave, who cooks up delicious meals for them on nights they don’t order from Door Dash! They have four, adult married children and two darling granddaughters. Their 17-year-old cat, Belle, decides each day which of the two of them she prefers.

Shari is the author of Help me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear! and hosts weekly style advice on her YouTube Channel Style Tips with Shari. She is the founder of Fashion Meets Faith, Style by Color and the Closet Outfit Planner. Find out more at


Bonus Session

Style Confidence for Speakers and Writers with Style Expert Shari Braendel

This is an essential session for discovering how to look your best while on stage or during a virtual presentation.

As representatives of Christ, first impressions matter. The last thing we want is to be a distraction to our audience because of what we have on. In this workshop, Shari Braendel will assist you with the following advice.

  1. Determine the potential of your impact area and how to dress it.
  2. Realize the importance of a completer piece.
  3. Uncover the proper size accessories appropriate to your frame size.
  4. Learn the real reason you should have a back-up outfit when traveling.
  5. Discover which type of glasses look best on you.
  6. Free resources for determining your best colors and your style.

Professional Color Analysis – FREE!

As a speaker and/or writer, knowing the colors that make you shine on stage is priceless. Shari is the QUEEN of Color and if you’ve never had a professional color analysis, don’t miss this opportunity! During the Speak Up conference, Shari is providing this service free of charge with the opportunity to purchase a personalized color swatch deck and style guide for only $30. She’ll be set up in the lobby so make sure to seek her out for this wonderful opportunity.




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