Sheila Qualls

Sheila Qualls

Get to Know Sheila:

Speaker, ‘Wife’ Coach, and Blogger – Sheila Qualls is the  ‘real’ deal. She communicates with rare transparency. She’s relatable because she’s been there.

Sheila allowed the trauma of a broken wedding engagement to define her for years. As a result, she stayed tucked within the safety of her comfort zone until she discovered the secret to living courageously by embracing the timeless truths in God’s word.

She now helps leaders dismantle destructive mindsets, which prevent them from moving into their calling. Sheila equips leaders with practical skills for gaining confidence and defining purpose.

Sheila currently blogs as The Not So Excellent Wife at She is a published author with the Upper Room. Her work has also been featured on many sites on the Internet including the MOPS Blog, Scary Mommy, Grown and Flown,, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She has a Facebook following of more than 11,000. She’s coached and mentored countless women and has served in leadership roles with Bible Study Fellowship and in her church.

In 34 years of marriage, she’s birthed four babies, adopted one, survived 10 corporate moves, 20 years of home schooling, and two dogs and a ferret. (May they rest in peace.) Sheila and her husband, Kendall, live in Minnesota with their Black Lab, Largo.


15-minute appointments:

Understanding CRT

Sheila Qualls travels the country extoling its virtues and debunking the myths of Critical Race Theory. Meet with Sheila to begin developing practical steps to understanding CRT and how you can address the narrative in your life and community with biblical solutions.


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