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Stephanie Rousselle

Get to Know Stephanie:

Stephanie Rousselle is the founder of Gospel Spice Ministries and the host of the Gospel Spice Podcast. Her motto is, “God’s glory, our delight!

Born and raised in France, she has lived for her one Lord for the last two decades on three continents, four countries and five cities through six professional roles. She now leads a team of seven at Gospel Spice Ministries. She is a wife, mom, podcaster, public speaker, Bible teacher, entrepreneur, former women’s ministry director and strategy consultant. And she is 100% French! 

With her trademark French accent, she has been teaching Scripture to thousands over the last 20 years in France, the UK, Africa and the US, and now to thousands more on six continents through the Gospel Spice Podcast. Stephanie thrives on Bible-centered inspirational writing and speaking, and dark chocolate. She loves few things more than a good laugh, especially at herself, because grace is real, and life is short.

Morning Devotional - God’s Glory, Our Delight!

“God’s glory, our delight” is Stephanie’s motto and the beating heart of Gospel Spice Ministries, rooted in her personal encounter with God as a French teenage atheist. 

Christian writers and speakers face the daily challenge to ascribe glory where it belongs, and to delight in the process. What can we learn from Jesus to make His glory our true North and lifelong quest? How do we spice up our words to present them as a daily offering of delight to the glory of God?

God sprinkles our stories with a dash of spice—and inimitable flair. Through her personal testimony and ever-growing devotion to Christ, Stephanie humbly invites you to delight in God’s glory today and every day.


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