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Stephanie Rousselle

Get to Know Stephanie:

Stephanie Rousselle is the founder of GospelSpice Ministries and the host of the GospelSpice Podcast. Her motto is, “God’s glory, our delight!

Born and raised in France, she has lived for her one Lord for the last two decades on three continents, four countries and five cities through six professional roles. She is a wife, mom, podcaster, public speaker, Bible teacher, entrepreneur, former women’s ministry director and strategy consultant. And she is 100% French!

With her trademark French accent, she has been teaching Scripture to thousands over the last 20 years in France, the UK, Africa and the US, and now to thousands more on six continents through the Gospel Spice Podcast, a Top 1% Podcast globally, all categories. Stephanie thrives on Bible-centered inspirational writing and speaking, and dark chocolate. She loves few things more than a good laugh, especially at herself, because grace is real, and life is short. You will find her at



Pre-Conference Session:


At the end of this 3-hour session, the participants will have a registered podcast. This is primarily a speaker’s track but also applies to writers.

Stephanie Rousselle is an author and speaker, with NO technical skills, yet she hosts a podcast that ranks in the top 1.5% worldwide. She caters to thousands of listeners in over 120 countries, and it all happened in less than two years, while holding a full-time job, without hiring a single technician or podcast expert, and with an initial investment of $200. How? Because she simply dared to step out. She now invites you into the journey of podcasting as one of your primary platform-building and networking strategies. She shares her secrets, her strategies and her mistakes. She basically tells you everything she wishes someone had taught her when she got started.

Hour #1 – From book concept to ready-to-pitch podcast.

Publishing is your dream; what if podcasting led you there? Learn how to be booked as a podcast guest and/or how to turn your content into a podcast series. Stage-shy author or stage-loving speaker, master podcasting to fit YOUR needs and style! Reach your audience with your message—until and beyond that book contract.

Exclusive bonus: curated list of podcasts to reach out to as potential guest.

Hour #2 – You have what it takes to launch your podcast.

No technical skills? No money? No time? No problem! Podcasting can grow your platform, develop your network AND grow in your craft all at once. Come with your concept, distant or well-defined, and learn how to navigate each prelaunch stage one by one and experience a successful launch day.

Exclusive Bonus: the smart questions to ask + the vocabulary to know + curated checklist of prelaunch to-dos.

Hour #3 – Become a podcaster TODAY!

Today you will:

Register on a premium hosting platform for free

  • Create outstanding content
  • Leverage marketing, including cover art guidelines
  • Distribute to Apple Podcast, Spotify & more
  • Create your podcast’s own website
  • Link your social handles
  • Understand analytics to track progress

Exclusive bonus: 30-day free trial on the hosting platform to finalize details and go live (no CC required).



15-minute appointments:

Are you looking for a fresh explosion of spice and inspiration in your writing and speaking? Stephanie Rousselle, founder of Gospel Spice Ministries, podcaster and international speaker, will help you hone your communication skills, enhance your content, or simply identify your next step. She can also help you highlight compelling elements of your story before you meet with an agent or publisher. Submit a short sample before your appointment.

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