susan call

Susan Call

Get to Know Susan:

Susan Call is an author, speaker, and coach whose passion is encouraging others with contagious hope. She welcomes the opportunity to help others take practical steps and implement effective habits to reach their writing and speaking goals.

Susan’s memoir, A Search for Purple Cows shares her remarkable story of betrayal, abuse, finding faith, the power of forgiveness, and the joy of redemption. She has also published a fiction short story “Secondhand Miracle’ in A Cup of Christmas Joy by Guidepost Books, and has written for Guidepost Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and for Focus on the Family Magazine.

In addition to her passion for writing and speaking, Susan enjoys making jewelry out of glass to remind us all that although we’ve been broken, something beautiful can come from it. She’s a proud mother of two children, a wife and a stepmother. Susan will be teaching a breakout session, and taking 15-minute appointments.



Pre-Conference Bonus Session

Jump Start

Want to make the most of your conference? Learn tips for navigating the workshops and appointments at the conference while developing an effective action plan for after the conference. Gain tips to make the most of your virtual conference experience.

Breakout Session:

It’s GO Time! Creating Your Post-Conference Game Plan

Filled, excited, but maybe a bit overwhelmed? This interactive session will help you process, prioritize and plan. We’ll discuss how to recognize potential pitfalls and develop or reinforce effective habits so that you can define your next steps and formulate your post-conference action plan.


15-minute appointments

Time Management

Susan is accepting 15-minute appointments to discuss time management hacks to make your vision a reality and she’ll be sharing ways that you can use your hard story to encourage others. If you’re overwhelmed by the size of the dream God’s given you, Susan can help you sort out your next steps and create a plan to make it happen.

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