Bonnie Emmorey

Bonnie has been blessed with a rich family heritage. From growing up as a preacher’s kid amidst four sisters and one brother, to living with three men (her husband, Ron, and sons), her life has been full. Bonnie, (B.A. in Speech, B.S. in Education) has been on the Speak Up Conference teaching team since its beginning, and is now the conference director. She is a speaker consultant for men and women across the country, assisting in developing and organizing presentations. Bonnie will help you learn to think in outline form making your talks more memorable. She will assist you in moving your speeches from inspirational to transformational.

Bonnie is also the director of Speak Up For Hope, a non-profit prison ministry working to connect churches with prisons and assisting chaplains in meeting the needs of prisoners, as well a passing on hope and encouragement to those outside the razor wire.

Bonnie & Ron, have two grown sons, two awesome daughters-in-law, four delightful grands!

Bonnie will be teaching two breakout sessions, and joining Carol Kent for two more.

Breakout Sessions

Aim for Success

Are you interested in taking your speaking to the next level? Do you want to go from Inspirational to Transformational? This session will give you the tools to make that happen. Discover the secret to having your audience actually remember and apply your message to their own lives. Learn to work within an aim frame (what do I want to cause my audience to do?) and you will never be long-winded again. This technique will give your audience take home value.

Outline with Pizzazz!

Eeeeek! Outlining? Many people get a headache just thinking about it, but this session will make outlining FUN! Learn to put your messages together so they are creative and memorable. Learn the secrets of outlining, and take home the tools to make it happen without breaking a sweat.