Cheri Cowell

Owner and Publisher of EABooks Publishing

Cheri Cowell, brings a unique blend of publisher and author experience to her company which benefits new, aspiring, and accomplished authors. As an author herself, with four traditionally published books, she understands the traditional publishing world. She also has books published by EABooks Publishing, so she is well versed in both sides of the publishing world.  Cheri began EABooks after learning how to get her own materials into e-book format.  With her passion of helping others see God’s Word come alive, she is excited to expand that mission by helping fellow authors take advantage of all the new publishing trends.  Recently EABooks added editing and author marketing services to enhance the publishing experience and expand the reach of God’s messengers into the world.  Cheri looks forward to meeting you, hearing about your book, and showing you how EABooks Publishing can help make your publishing dreams come true.

Cheri will be teaching a pre-conference and breakout session, as well as taking 15-minute appointments.

Pre-Conference Session

Marketing & Platform (3-hours)
Turning These Twin Dreads into Your Biggest Assets

 They ask, “What is Your Platform?” and “What is Your Marketing Plan?” These two dreaded questions are part of the publishing reality. But how do you get a platform if you don’t have one, and what are you to do when the whole marketing thing overwhelms you? In this class you will learn to build on your strengths while tapping into a plan any writer can put into place. You will leave this class with a step-by-step course of action so you can confidently answer the twin questions with, “Yes, I have a platform and marketing plan, let me show you.”

Key concepts we will cover:

• Are you a speaker or someone with a message?
• Becoming the “expert”
• Getting the gigs
• The business side of writing- dollars and cents
• Marketing verses Promotion
• Getting more done with templates
• Social Media, Article Writing, Networking
• Begin before the book is written
• A blueprint for action

Breakout Session

Writing and Publishing Memoirs

Do you have a story to share? Would it make a good memoir? Come learn the do's and don'ts of sharing your story, how to craft a good memoir, and how to get it published.


15-Minute Appointments:

EABooks Publishing – Cheri Cowell, Owner & Publisher

Looking for a publishing option that blends the creative control of self-publishing with a focus on quality from seasoned professionals­ or simply not sure how to navigate self-publishing?  Partnership Publishing is the answer! Partnership Publishing is a fairly new model combining the positives from the pay-to-publish approach, such as greater author control, keeping 100% of your profits, and shorter production time, along with the expertise of seasoned professionals to guide you through the publishing process.

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