Cindy Lambert

Cindy Lambert, Executive Editor-at-Large for Revell and Baker, and Collaborative Writer. Cindy began her career as owner of an award-winning independent Christian bookstore, then expanded into leadership roles in distribution, consumer research, editorial, and publishing at Ingram, Simon & Schuster, and Zondervan, where she served as vice president and associate publisher of trade books.  She is also a collaborative writer, and has co-authored eleven books including the bestseller UnPlanned with Abby Johnson (Tyndale and Focus on the Family) and The Voice with Sandi Patty (Zondervan). She and her husband, Dave, have six children and nine grandchildren and enjoy launching their kayaks off their pier in front of their log home in Michigan.

Cindy will be teaching a pre-conference and breakout session, as well as taking 15-minute appointments.

Pre-Conference Session

Book Proposal Intensive Clinic                  

Dave and Cindy Lambert Somersault

Limit: 25 registrants

Prerequisite: Complete and bring with you a working proposal. Once you've registered, you can download the template for the fiction or non-fiction book proposal.

Length: 3 hours

A winning book proposal is a tool that entices seven audiences (author, agent, editor, pub board, marketing, creative, and sales) to grasp a contagious vision for a book, and then equips them to successfully play their parts in placing the book into the hands of its ideal readership.

We've all heard it said, "Write to your audience, not to yourself." Good advice! Many authors, however, may know the audience of their book, but have no understanding of the true audience of their book proposal. In this three-hour intensive clinic you will be introduced to the business side of publishing decisions, discover what really happens behind the closed doors of editors’ meetings and publishing boards, and learn how to craft an enticing proposal that captures the interest of editors and publishers.

Broken into four segments, this hands-on interactive clinic will begin with an in-depth presentation, then offer individual time to work on and refine specific proposal elements of your own, then break into small groups for fiction and nonfiction personal feedback and critique, and finally come together again for advice and guidance to launch you into the world of meeting with editors.


Proposal-writing classes have always left me feeling a bit bewildered. Each instructor had their own, different list of “musts,” “do’s,” and “don’ts.” The fog lifted for me after working with Cindy Lambert at the Colorado Christian Writers' Conference. A delightful and caring mentor, I would have enjoyed her class under any circumstances. But as a teacher Cindy really zeroed in on: WHAT we needed to include in our proposal, WHY that information was important to an Acquisitions Editor, WHERE each section should be shown for optimum effect, HOW to dig deeply to uncover what made our writing stand out in a crowd, and, maybe most importantly, WHO are our readers? It took my understanding of writing and publishing to a whole new level. 

Lori Hynson, Author of SuperGal vs God

Breakout Session

Writing a Compelling Non-Fiction Book Proposal

A book proposal that catches the attention of an acquiring editor—positive attention—needs more than just the inclusion of the right items. It needs to be based on a unique and winning idea; it needs the right tone; it needs the right personality; and it needs to be the best possible example of your writing ability. Learn how to create a compelling proposal from an editor responsible for discovering and publishing some of the most admired Christian authors writing today. 

15-Minute Appointments:

Cindy Lambert – Executive Editor-at-Large

Cindy Lambert is looking for nonfiction books of any genre for Revell that will inspire and equip readers offering hope and help for daily life and for Baker Books that will build up the body of Christ through messages that are relevant, intelligent, and engaging.