Cyle Young

Cyle Young is a literary agent and award-winning author of over 20 writing awards. In just over two years, Cyle has sold over 150 of his client’s books to publishing houses, and currently represents both Christian and General market authors who have combined to sell over 27 million books. Quarry press will be releasing two of Cyle’s own upcoming books, Little Michigan: Small Town Destinations and Michigan Moments: A Year of Inspiration Featuring the University of Michigan Wolverines.

Cyle is passionate about training writers through in-person instruction and through his on-line writing school, Serious Writer Academy. You can find out more about Cyle at his website

Cyle will be teaching two breakouts, and taking 15-minute appointments where he will where two hats – one as an agent, and one as a self-publishing representative.

Breakout Sessions

Shouting in a Windstorm:

Understand why only 12%-16% of your friends or followers see your Facebook or Twitter posts, and learn how to improve the chances they will be seen. Discover the secrets of Edgerank, Facebook’s ever-changing formula, and learn how you can maximize your social presence. Learn the secrets to post frequency and utilize a top social marketing philosophy to create ancillary accounts and pages to drive traffic, increase your followers and likes, and grow your platform.


Market Ready Books:  What I learned from selling 150 books to publishers in 2 years and how it can help you sell yours too!

Why do some books get contracted by publishers and others don’t? Because, not every book, proposal, idea, or platform is equal. This class teaches you the ins and outs of a manuscript’s salability, timing, and marketability and equips you with the understanding of how to create products that are market ready.


15-Minute Appointments:

A3 Publishing — Cyle Young

Why should someone self-publish?

You’re probably aware that there are fewer and fewer publishers contracting fewer and fewer titles by fewer and fewer authors. (Nearly 99 percent of submitted manuscripts are turned down by royalty publishers.) But if you have a message or a story you feel compelled to publish, self-publishing is a popular—and now, economical— way to do just that.

Can self-publishing be successful?

Successfully self-published books include The Living Bible, T. D. Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed, and Joseph Girzone’s Joshua, The Christmas Box and, of course, Paul Williams’ The Shack.

Cyle Young, Agent – Hartline Literary Agency

What I’m looking for in an appointment?

Be yourself. I DON’T want you to pitch me your book. I want to see your writing. I want to get to know your words, and if I fall in love with your writing… we’ll, that’s a really good thing! The majority of my clients are people who I met at writing conferences… so relax. We can have a normal conversation, because in truth I’m an author just like you. I know the frustration, fears, and anxieties all too well. I will look at any genre in fiction or non-fiction from children’s picture books to adult novels for either the Christian or General markets.