Dr. Donald M Denmark

Dr. Donald M Denmark, MD, MMM

Dr. Don Denmark transitioned to his “Encore Years” after serving the medical profession for 40 years. With years of experience in private practice both in Canada and the U.S., he has been honored as one of America’s top family doctors, and as ‘Teacher of the Year’ for the Great Plains Family Practice Residency Program.

He is currently a certified facilitator/trainer with the Institute for Healthcare Communication for equipping healthcare professionals in disclosure of unanticipated medical outcomes. He contracts with Ascension Health Risk Management. He is skilled at changing corporate cultures and negotiating conflicts.

Don and his wife Anne are masterful leadership trainers and often team-teach together to strengthen marriages.

Breakout Session

Creating Powerful Questions for Transformed Lives:

Increase Audience Participation and Give Take-Home Value

Team-teaching with Anne & Dr. Don Denmark

“Questions hold the power to cause us to think, create answers we believe, and motivate us to act on our ideas.” Tony Stoltzfus

Gaining enough information for our teaching, preaching or speaking is not the problem. We have Google at our fingertips. The problem is asking the right questions to get ourselves and our audiences off well-worn roads of thinking.

The value of inquiry is to get us thinking and unlock our minds. Powerful questions give us fresh perspectives and spark creativity.

In this breakout we will:

  • Invite you to use a technique called; “questions burst”
  • Use powerful questions to streamline our speaking/writing aims
  • Identify 7 types of questions in your communication
  • Practice ways to improve your delivery of questions
  • Consider the top 10 asking mistakes


Jitters to Joy:

Hurdling the fears of Public Speaking

Team-teaching with Anne & Dr. Don Denmark


Public Speaking is still America’s No. 1 fear. Yet our ability to communicate both orally and in writing is enormously important

 for Kingdom impact.


Let’s come together in an interactive setting to set these fears and hesitations out on the table. By admitting jitters exist, naming them and sharing our common journey we can reduce their grip on us.

In this breakout we will:

  • Take courage from famous people who faced their speaking fears
  • Highlight your ‘Why’ – and keep it visible
  • Identify your fearful self-talk and replace with truth
  • Explore effective ways to reduce anxiety with tips for;
    • Good planning
    • Preparing
    • Rehearsing
    • Self-care
    • Jesus

Carol Kent frequently shares this quote.

“We won’t remove your butterflies entirely;

we’ll just get them to fly in formation.” John Wolfe