Joel Armstrong

Joel Armstrong is assistant editor at Kregel Publications, where he works on their trade imprint. He also writes speculative fiction and has published scholarly work in academic journals. Visit him at or follow him on Instagram @joeljarmstrong.

Joel will be teaching a session with Janyre Tromp and taking 15-minute appointments for Kregel Publications.





Breakout Session:

Engaging Readers with Story in Nonfiction

With Joel Armstrong & Janyre Tromp

There’s a reason even Jesus himself used illustrations to engage his audience—story has the unique power to help a reader engage, understand, and apply new thoughts and ideas. But story is only as effective as it is well done. In this workshop, led by two industry editors who are writers themselves, we’ll explore the basic concepts behind story—arc, narrative voice, etc.—and how to effectively use them in a nonfiction setting.


15-Minute Appointments:

Kregel Publications acquires broadly in nonfiction and fiction. Especially interested in nonfiction titles related to the #churchtoo discussion, adults with special needs, social justice, and substance abuse. Always looking for excellent historical romance, contemporary suspense, historical fiction, and women’s fiction with biblical grounding. Personally a speculative fiction fanboy (although Kregel does not publish speculative). Please no poetry or scripts. One sheets, proposals, and synopses are helpful but not necessary. First-time authors welcome.