Kelsey Bowen

Kelsey is an Acquisitions Editor at Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, where she’s worked for seven years. She has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and, when she’s not editing, she loves to write fiction with a good cup of Starbucks coffee close by. She is also active in her church as a worship leader and sells her cakes and cupcakes to friends and family in the West Michigan area (find her on Instagram @kelseybooksandbakes). She currently lives with her husband Kyle, their daughter Peyton, and her adorable Hava-doodle, Izzo, in Allendale, MI.  Kelsey will be taking 15-minute one-to-one appointments.

15-Minute Appointments:

For the optimal 15-minute appointment experience, a completed book proposal and a 30-second elevator pitch to kickstart our conversation is your best bet. Let me know right away what the hook of your book idea is and who your target audience is, and let’s explore from there. I’m currently looking for adult fiction for Revell and nonfiction in the family/relationships category, humor category, and self-help/personal growth category. Please note that Revell takes very little in the autobio/memoir category and no children’s or middle grade books at this time.