Michelle Nietert

A professional counselor and life coach, Michelle has been speaking to audiences in the community, schools, and churches locally, nationally, and internationally for more than 20 years. She brings the same energetic, informative style to every opportunity, whether speaking to a small group or keynoting conferences of over 1,000 attendees. As an owner of a large center in Dallas, Michelle‘s most requested topics combine mental health and faith.

With a background as a state-ranked competitive speaker in high school, Michelle is passionate about equipping others to impact our world by sharing God‘s truth and inspiration in practical ways. She has also presented training on beginning your speaking ministry to writing groups both in person and virtually.

Her audiences often remark on her passion for God’s word, laughter often in the midst of tears, and ability to share the joy she experiences daily.

Michelle has two children, ages 8 and 11, both of whom have begun competitive speaking in their local schools, with her daughter Sophia pursuing writing children’s books. She has been happily married to her husband Drew, who travels as a healthcare consultant, for over 15 years.

Michelle's writing has been published nationally in Lifeway’s Parent Life magazine and on the MOPS blog. She is currently with the Blythe Daniel agency, and is scheduled to potentially publish two books in 2020.


Breakout Session:

Taking your speaking ministry to the next level

Do you want to approach groups about speaking but don’t know where to find them? Do you have a list but don’t know how to approach ministry leaders? This presentation is for you! You will also learn simple ways to create publicity that drive future speaking engagements. A final bonus will be a discussion of specific tools that will help you overcome technological challenges, create high-quality recordings of your messages and increase your email list through speaking.


15-Minute Appointments:

Michelle Nietert - Feeling overwhelmed and stuck about what your next steps might be? Michelle loves working with people one on one to get them unstuck in a very short amount of time. She looks forward to brainstorming with you, encouraging you on your journey and praying for your next steps!