Suzanne Kuhn

Suzanne Kuhn, founder and CEO of Brookstone Creative Group (formerly SuzyQ), has 30 years of book retailing and event sales experience, which includes working with New York Times bestselling authors. Suzanne and her team at Brookstone Creative Group are changing the landscape for how writers, authors, speakers, and other creatives navigate the ever-changing promotion, publishing, and distribution landscape. Through tried and tested solutions, training, and community-building, they guide their clients to inspirational success. Suzanne truly believes in the power of spoken and written words and their ability to transform lives. To help creatives pursue and fulfill their God-given purpose is Suzanne’s mission.

Suzanne will be teaching a pre-conference and breakout session, as well as taking 15-minute appointments. 

Pre-Conference Session

Brand Storming - Mastermind  (3 hours - S/W)

Team taught by Suzanne & Shawn Kuhn

Discovering YOUr Individual Brand

Your brand is your promise of what your audience should expect to receive from interaction with you and your products.  In this session we will explore means for discovering, defining, embracing and promoting your personal brand.  We will discuss key components to successful branding, dos and don’ts of branding, and the benefits of taking the time to create a brand and build a brand.  This session will be rounded out with a rapid-fire brand-storming opportunity for each participant.

Breakout Session

Hide it Under a Bushel – Know!

As writers and speakers, we are obligated to be self-promoting.  Yet, the mere notion strikes most of us with insecurity and uncertainty.  Isn't self-promotion contrary to the Christian character we all strive for?  We will discuss the responsibility we have to boldly step into our calling.  We need to understand that to shine the light of Christ requires promotion — and obedience.  When we shy away from promotion, we are actually hiding our light under a bushel.


 15-Minute Appointments:


Meet with Suzanne Kuhn of Brookstone Creative Group to discuss ways expand and refine your reach -- get ideas on how to bring your writing and speaking into sharper focus, discover and grow your brand, find your audience and expand your platform, or increase your discoverability. You have 15 minutes to pick Suzanne's brain. Come ready with your questions and find your edge.

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