Tanya Glanzman

A Graduate from Liberty University, Tanya Glanzman, LPC is passionate about helping others live the life of freedom, joy and peace Christ died for them to have. She has experience offering individual, marital, family and group counseling. She works with a variety of populations and issues, specializing in women’s trauma recovery. As a survivor of traumatic childhood abuse, her heart is that every woman would know God as the Healer, Redeemer and Restorer He desires to be for them.  She speaks and writes as My Father’s Daughter, offering hope and encouragement wrapped in grace filled truth, with the mission that every woman would know what it truly means to be a Daughter of the King.  She is looking forward to publishing her first book on identity as a Daughter of God.   As a speaker, her expertise in boundary setting and self-care offered in a humorous, applicable way have empowered and equipped audiences with tools to walk in freedom and health.

Tanya and her husband of 22 years live in Virginia and are recent empty nesters. She loves all things autumn and absolutely detests snow.

Tanya will be teaching one breakout session and taking 15-minute appointments.

website:  myfathersdaughter.com

Facebook:  My Father's Daughter



The Art and Importance of Self-Care 

As we serve the Lord and others it can be a true challenge to do those very things that will enable us to take care of ourselves.  And yet, without the freedom, tools and intentionality to do so we can hinder our stamina and wellbeing, preventing us from being as effective as we would like to be in all we are called to.

In this workshop Tanya will teach on four foundational aspects of self-care, equipping attendees to walk away with tangible tools to facilitate the strong and healthy mindset that is necessary to continue to be the Rockstar for Jesus you already are!

Balance ~ Keeping your ducks in a row and your monkeys in the circus.  

Boundaries~ Just say no, in a sweet Jesus kind of way.  

Behaviors ~ When being bossy is okay. 

Beliefs ~ Self care isn’t selfish!  


15-Minute Appointments:

Tanya Glanzman is a licensed professional counselor who speaks and writes as “My Father’s Daughter”.  She specializes in helping others embrace core aspects of their identity as a Child of God.  In your15 minute session with Tanya, you can expect to receive wisdom in the areas of: improving self-care, prioritizing your priorities,  and setting firm boundaries with grace and love.  All without experiencing guilt , shame or condemnation.