Breakout Session #1

Developing a Topical Presentation”
The fear of public speaking is the #1 fear of people in the U.S. today. But people who learn to communicate their message have the opportunity to give hope, courage, truth, and inspiration to others. This session will give you a start-to-finish overview of how to prepare a talk on any topic. You will learn how to analyze your audience, select a topic, write out a specific, measurable aim, and conclude with appropriate applications.

Not sure how much to charge for a keynote message or weekend retreat? Worried about discussing your honorarium with an event planner? If you’ve ever wondered how best to communicate with others about your fees, contract, and expenses—this workshop is for you. In addition, each workshop participant will leave with a contract, speaker fee overview, and sample script to help negotiate your next event’s honorarium with clarity and confidence.

Ever wonder what should be your next best writing project? Is there a formula to your writing success? Yes! When we can effectively communicate what is important to us, that significantly influences the success of our writing. In this practicum you will learn how your core values impact your writing and how to identify which ones are the most important. You will create a take-away that will bring clarity for your next writing project.

Brand new to the publishing process? Senior Literary Agent Karen Neumair provides a brief overview of the three primary publishing paths, then unpacks the basic steps to publishing with a traditional publisher, including the role of a literary agent and how to find one.
(Target Audience: Aspiring authors with no publishing experience)

Marketing is KEY to building ANY business, and a speaking and writing ministry is no different. S.H. Britt said, “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. YOU know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” Indeed, we must let others know what we have to offer. But how can we do this effectively without looking like we are “marketing ourselves?” One of the best ways to organically advertise your ministry is to establish both a speaking and writing platform. This allows your voice to be heard, your face to be recognized, your message to be magnified, and creates a “breadcrumb trail” to your door. This workshop will help you (1) Craft a strong speaking bio that will leave a lasting impression, (2) Identify the most common psychological road blocks hindering the marketing success of any minister, counselor, coach, writer, or speaker, as well as strategies for overcoming these road blocks, and (3) Explore unique marketing strategies familiar only to the most experienced professionals.

Focusing on Instagram and Facebook primarily, Jill will teach you how to grow your platform using social media. In this workshop, Jill will:

  • Discuss why social media is important to engage.
  • Explain how to use it to its fullest ability without it taking over your life.
  • How to set up a compelling profile on each platform.
  • How to use the smartphone apps to the fullest.

Note: This is a very practical workshop, please bring your smartphone with you and have WordSwag, Instagram, and Facebook apps already loaded on it. You are welcome to bring a laptop with you as well.

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