Breakout Session #4

Eeeeek! Outlining? Many people get a headache just thinking about it, but this session will make outlining FUN! Learn to put your messages together so they are creative and memorable. Learn the secrets of outlining, and take home the tools to make it happen without breaking a sweat.

Using Karen Porter’s tool for building your outline will help you build a presentation that you can remember without notes. The workshop will include hands-on practice for participants to show how this simple system will allow you to speak with depth and power without a paper in sight.

You’re are more than just an author—you now have entered an industry that few writers understand. Success is not solely about craft, it’s equally about business. Whether you are traditionally or self-publishing your book, there are very intentional strategies every author needs to know to make their book marketable. Not only will you learn what you need to know about the differences in publishing options, so you can make wise decisions, but you will discover insider secrets about creating a commercially viable product that book sellers want and readers buy.

Your stories can impact the world, one heart at a time!
Join Sandi Banks for this interactive, inspiring, informative workshop. Here you will learn key elements for effectively writing devotions, then getting them into the publishers’ hands and the readers’ hearts. What’s so intriguing and rewarding about devotional writing? It communicates truth, heart-to-heart, and points the reader upward for encouragement and connection with God—all in a five-minute-or-less read. Sandi defines devotional writing as a “nugget of truth, wrapped in a story, immersed in insight, served with grace.” Come discover what that means, and how God can use your gifts and experiences to honor Him and offer hope to a hurting world.

Communication that produces change happens when we apply the truth of God’s word to people’s lives. Today in ministry, we must be prepared to share the truth of Scripture to a culture that has gone digital. This interactive workshop will demonstrate the use of Logos Bible Software for effective speaking preparation, writing research, and personal Bible study. What normally takes five to 10 hours of flipping through paper books for speaking prep and Bible study can be done in seconds – and the depth of study is unparalleled! Logos 8 gives you access to your entire biblical library wherever you are because it is compatible with Mac®, PC, iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ – this ease of use and power of Logos will be clearly taught and demonstrated.

With ministries like MOPS, Proverbs 31, and Catalyst jumping on the podcast bandwagon, it is clear that podcasting is a communication method that is here to stay. Podcasts are an incredible way to deliver content to your audience and connect with them in a very personal way at a time that is most convenient for them, but the setup processing and beginning stages can be daunting.

This practical workshop will give you all the tool you need to choose the right equipment on a shoestring budget, determine your hosting platform, get listed on ITunes, all the way to creating content that moves people and batching work. Allow Lee Nienhuis, host of the wildly popular, Moms in Prayer Podcast help you decide if a podcast is the right step for connecting with your audience!

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