Breakout Session #5

More and more people use the word overwhelm to describe their life. The things that matter most just don’t seem to rise to the surface of their priorities or get planned into their days. Let’s make room for the important stuff! Using the Life Wheel, this breakout session will guide you in:

  • assessing the key areas of your life
  • where are you now?
  • where would you like to be?
  • writing one main goal in each area
  • answering the questions
  • how will I do that?
  • when will I do that?
  • blocking next steps into your calendar

“You have been given a gift—your life. What will you do with it?” ~ Michael Hyatt

Don’t go it alone on your writing and speaking journey! Gather a ministry team to help minimize isolation and maximize your impact. Speakers, authors, and podcast hosts, Lee Nienhuis and Katie M. Reid, will share time-tested tips and different approaches to gathering the people you need to help you succeed. From formulating a prayer team, to hiring an assistant that fits your needs and personality, to swapping services with colleagues, you will walk away equipped to take the next step in building a strong ministry.

Join Chandee and learn the basics of audio/visual production and editing. Authors and speakers will learn how to DIY their own production. Production is vital in platform building, content marketing, book sales, and in a speaking ministry. Learn how to produce basic audio and visual content to grow your reach and establish your brand.

  • Is production for me?
  • Why learning production can be a game-changer for your ministry
  • How to add production to your ministry
  • Where to start at an affordable rate
  • When to share it with others
  • What you will need to get started

Raise your hand if you have a fear of rejection in ministry? Before we realize it we can quickly slide into living a life where we are constantly trying to protect our hearts and lives from rejection. As an author and speaker are you afraid of the no’s? The fear of no’s can keep us from moving forward with our yes to God. What if a publisher says no? What if that speaking engagement doesn’t accept my proposal? What if I get a bad review? Is this fear of rejection paralyzing you? In this workshop participants will

  • Look at Biblical characters who had a fear of rejection and how God helped them move forward in faith in their calling by God– instead of being stuck between fear of success and fear of failure
  • Provide action steps to help participant examine how they may be stuck in areas of ministry due to fear of rejection as they move forward in their calling
  • What do you do when you get the no’s? Participants will be encouraged to find courage when they experience no’s, seeing how God is still moving in their story.

Our stories are one of the most powerful tools we can use to impact the world and share our faith. In this session we’ll discuss considerations for developing your hard story into a memoir as well as the many way your story can be leveraged into other types of media. We’ll pose questions and consider discernment for which parts to tell, timing of sharing, and developing a theme or focus for our story. Additionally, we’ll cover a variety of ways to use our story to inspire and encourage through avenues such as articles, blogs, memes, and truth-inspired fiction.

Speaking and writing professionals have specific demands which require emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual care to prevent stress and burnout. In this seminar (or intensive workshop), licensed counselor and life coach Brenda L. Yoder equips participants with practical, personal tools for soul care and life balance for the longevity of your ministry or writing and speaking career.

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