Breakout Session #6

You Have a Story to Tell”

Have you ever wondered what to include in the story of your life?  Every Christian has a personal testimony and God can use your journey to offer hope to someone else.  Come to this session to learn how to concisely share your testimony in a way that will positively impact listeners. Whether you’re sharing your story from a public platform or in an informal setting, you can communicate your faith-journey with confidence, authenticity, and conviction. This session will help you decide what to delete and what to include as you point people to everlasting hope.

Fear of public speaking is the greatest fear among 75% of Americans. It ranks higher than the fear of dying for most. As Bertrand Russell says, “To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” This class will give you the wisdom you need to overcome anxious feelings to speak freely. We will discuss topics such as finding your “Why”, identifying anxiety triggers, how to connect to your audience through your story, how to get started in small ways, and much more! There is power through your spoken words. When you are willing to share your story of how you have overcome battles, God will send the exact people who need to hear. By being obedient to His calling on your life, He will use you to reach others no one else can reach.

Learn the writer’s secret to article success—mapping. It’s a tool all good writers use when drafting their manuscripts to create one wining article after another. After this workshop, you will be one of those writers, too. Hands-on examples make this class a must take. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn from a multi-published author who has developed a strong reputation with her agent and editors. She’ll share the secrets of what they appreciate most (based on their direct feedback). You’ll gain answers to the following questions:

  • How often should I communicate and with whom?
  • What type of editing am I expected to do?
  • How much marketing should I plan on my own?
  • What is the number one way I can make my editor happy?

So, you have a dream. It is precious, perhaps secret, and you wonder… could it really happen? Is it good? Is it foolish? The truth is God loves you, and your dream could never ever be stupid. But just as true is that God will take your dream and refine it, because it probably isn’t in its final stages yet. He will give you vision. He will give you provision. He will connect you with others to help, because your dream is bigger than you. If it’s a God-sized dream it affects the community, and it will involve other people! He will open doors of opportunity. He will empower you to do your part. He will train you. He will provide encouragement. He will walk with you through every step as you co-labor with Him! Come, let’s dream together!

Though competition is a natural response in this industry, it can be deadly to your own mission and message. In this workshop we are going to get real and dig deep to establish our confident identity, our own unique story and our strategy for living, speaking, and writing authentically to a hungry world.

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