Free Time / Added Value Appointments

At Speak Up, we offer 15-minute appointments with publishers, agents, mentors & more.
There are many appointments you can request. View them here.

Participants in the Writers’ Track will have the opportunity for at least four face-to-face appointments with an editor, agent, established author, or other industry professional for 15-minutes. This time can be used to pitch a project idea or book proposal to a publisher rep or agent, get feedback on a manuscript in progress, brainstorm with an author mentor, or just ask questions. The professionals are experts in their field and they are at the conference because they want to help you. All of our professionals are available to you. If you are not quite ready to meet with a publishing expert, you may want to consider one of the added value appointments.

Participants in the Speakers’ Track will have the opportunity for at least two face-to-face appointments with a branding expert, platform builder, social media expert, life coach, and more. This time can be used to evaluate where you are, and where you would like to be in your ministry’s journey. If you are in Speakers’ Track, please do not request an appointment with the publishing professionals.

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