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Praise & Worship – Laura Dingman

Laura spends most of her time creating and leading worship experiences that help connect people with the story of God. She has served in vocational ministry as the Creative Arts Director at The Creek, a large church in Indianapolis, for over a decade. She loves to show people how their story intersects with the redemptive story of God. She enjoys belting Broadway, laughing hysterically and reading great books. More than anything, though, she enjoys living life with her favorite two people in the whole world, her husband, Matt, and her spunky daughter, Abigail. Matt, Laura, and Abigail live on a 14-acre property just south of Indy where they provide space for spiritual growth and renewal for leaders in ministry.

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Opening Keynote – Full of Words

Those of us who are called to write and speak often feel like Elihu, who confessed to Job, “For I am full of words, and the spirit within me compels me” (Job 32:18). How can we be certain the words that pour out of us truly honor God and genuinely help people? Liz Curtis Higgs, a best-selling author and award-winning speaker, shares what she’s learned from three dozen years of ministry, offering encouragement, direction, and hope for the next generation of Christian communicators.

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