Pre-Conference Sessions

Let’s go deeper! Each session is $100 each and covers all materials.

Speakers’ Pre-Conference Options:

(Individual Appointments)

Videotaping & Critiquing of Speeches ($100) 15-minute video/30-minute session

Times will be assigned based on your arrival plans for specific appointments between 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.  You will leave with a flash drive or a digital download of your presentation, as well as specific verbal feedback that will help you move to the next level in your speaking. Your 30-minute appointment will begin with looking over the answers to the questions below. Then you will be taped with your Speak Up staffer observing. If you choose to speak longer than 15-minutes, it will cut into your time of feedback, but that is your choice. Your content can be whatever you choose. It can be a complete talk, or a portion of a longer talk. You will be given feedback on both content and delivery during your 30-minute appointment. Video Worksheet – printable instructions

7 Strategies to Secure Speaking Engagements ($100 – 3 hours) with Robyn Dykstra

There are many ways to get more opportunities to speak and Robyn will give you 7 tried and true strategies to find places to talk.  You will leave this interactive session with a good elevator pitch, dialogue for cold calls and templates to email to your leads.

Writers’ Pre-Conference Options:

Book Proposal Clinic ($100 – 3 hours) with Dave and Cindy Lambert 

Limit: 25 registrants
• Fiction Proposal Template
• Non-fiction Proposal Template

Prerequisite: Complete and bring with you a working proposal. Please download and use one of the templates above, or you may use a proposal model you’ve found on your own.

Broken into four segments, this hands-on interactive clinic will begin with an in-depth presentation, then offer individual time to work on and refine specific proposal elements of your own, then break into small groups for fiction and nonfiction personal feedback and critique, and finally come together again for advice and guidance to launch you into the world of meeting with editors.

Marketing and Platform: Turning These Twin Dreads into Your Biggest Assets ($100 – 3 hours) Presented by Cheri Cowell

They ask, “What is Your Platform?” and “What is Your Marketing Plan?” These two dreaded questions are part of the publishing reality. But how do you get a platform if you don’t have one, and what are you to do when the whole marketing thing overwhelms you? In this class you will learn to build on your strengths while tapping into a plan any writer can put into place. You will leave this class with a step-by-step course of action so you can confidently answer the twin questions with, “Yes, I have a platform and marketing plan, let me show you.”

Key concepts we will cover:

  • Are you a speaker or someone with a message?
  • Becoming the “expert”
  • Getting the gigs
  • The business side of writing- dollars and cents
  • Marketing verses Promotion
  • Getting more done with templates
  • Social Media, Article Writing, Networking
  • Begin before the book is written
  • A blueprint for action

Speakers’ and Writers’ Pre-Conference Options:

Video Interview with Carol Kent ($100) 5-minute video/15-minute session by appointment

Feature your ministry or newest book on your website or on YouTube by utilizing a digital download of a 5-minute interview with Carol. 5-minute video/15-minute session. This option involves a 15-minute time slot where you will have the opportunity to familiarize Carol with your ministry or book. Then, Carol will participate with you in a 5-minute interview style video that would be usable on your website, Facebook page, or on YouTube. You will receive a flash drive with your video-taped interview before the end of the conference.
Click here to download instructions and then email the completed sheet to Carol Kent.

$100 – Essential Tech Tools—for Writers, Speakers & Leaders (3 hours) Presented by Carol Ensminger & Shawna Culp

Bring your ideas, questions, and laptops for this hands-on tech training. In this Pre-Conference Session, we will discuss key components to you need in order to take your story to the world using the crazy tech world we live in. We will share tips and tricks that are simple to use and will erase all your fears of tackling technology in your ministry.

We will start by demonstrating the many ways to save time, direct your focus and end frustration by turning to the technical programs such as Evernote, Scrivener, Zoom, and Basecamp.

Then we will continue our journey with a hands-on support helping you implement the programs, produce eBooks, and setting you up to make money with just one talk.

Join us as we use technology to take your book, speech or ministry to the next level.

Roots & Dreams ($100 – 3 hours) Presented by Anne Denmark

• Discover an amazing clear overview of your life…Roots, Defining Moments and Dreams
• Experience the beauty and fingerprints of God’s design…in and through the timeline of your own story
• Learn a creative process to support you in sharing their story

Prepping & Polishing Your Pitch ($100 – 3 hours) Presented by Katie Reid & Michelle Nietert

In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to prepare and design each element of your One Sheet. Authors, speakers, and marketers, Katie M. Reid and Michelle Nietert will also help you find a unique angle and give you time to practice and polish your elevator pitch. As a result of this interactive session, you will have a professional-looking One Sheet and a game-plan for standing out during your one-on-one appointments.

Optional–please choose this option when registering.
Baked Potato Bar Lunch ($15)

Baked Idaho potatoes served with a variety of toppings; butter, sour cream, chopped bacon, grated cheddar, steamed broccoli, cheddar cheese sauce, a mini salad bar, fruit salad and beverage.

Optional–please choose this option when registering.
Dinner Buffet: A Taste of Italy
Grilled Italian chicken breast and pasta with Alfredo and Marinara sauces, served with steamed vegetable, garlic bread, fresh fruit and Caesar salad. Beverage included

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